Introducing push notifications and structured user search in the Admin SDK

Since we launched the Admin SDK in May 2013, we’ve been constantly improving it based on your feedback and feature requests. Our first API updates of 2014 bring some features at the top of your requests: push notifications for users, push notifications for activities, and structured user search.

Push notifications for users

Tired of polling user resources to detect changes? With push notifications for users, you can watch for changes to user resources and receive notifications from the Directory API whenever a watched user resource changes.

Check out our user notifications developer guide to learn how to improve the performances of your application by eliminating the extra network and compute costs involved with polling user resources.

Push notifications for activities

Do you want to be notified when changes to a certain document occur or specific events such as the change of a user’s password happen? With push notifications for activities you can watch for changes to activities resources, and receive notifications from the Reports API whenever a watched activity resource changes.

Check out our activities notifications developer guide to learn how to receive notifications for the activities of your interest.

Structured user search

Do you want to know which users in your domain are members of a certain organization, or which users have a common manager in their reporting chain? The new query parameter we’ve just added to the users.list method of the Directory API allows you to perform rich queries over most attributes from the user profile.

For example, you can now retrieve all the users in the Human Resources org by using the query:

orgName='Human Resources'
Or you can retrieve all the users with [email protected] in their reporting chain by using the query:
manager='[email protected]'

Check out our user search developer guide for a more comprehensive guide on how to build your queries and more examples of what you can do.

Silvano Luciani  

Silvano is a Developer Programs Engineer on Google's Admin SDK. Before joining Google in 2011, he has worked in Finland, Italy, Spain and the UK, writing web based configuration management tools for ISPs, social networks, web based training materials, e-commerce apps and more.