Introducing a new type of feed for AdWords API: Review extensions

Review extensions, which let you show accolades from reputable third parties right in your search ads, were introduced last year. We have now made this feature available for the AdWords API in v201402.

Creating review extensions is the same as creating sitelinks as described in this guide. The only differences are:
  • The different placeholderId for FeedMappingService. As shown in the feed placeholders page, the placeholderId for review extensions is 8.
  • A different set of Feed attributes for FeedService. A review extension consists of four attributes:
    • Text (String): Either an exact quote or paraphrase from a third-party source that appears beneath your ad
    • Source (String): Name of the third-party publisher of the quoted or paraphrased review you’re using in your review extension
    • Source URL (URL): Landing page of the third-party website where the quoted or paraphrased review is located
    • Format (Boolean): Indicates whether your review is formatted as an exact quote from the third-party source, or if you’re paraphrasing. Setting to true means your review is formatted as an exact quote, false means paraphrasing.
Here is the Java code to create a Feed for review extensions. Code examples in other programming languages are available as part of the client libraries.

FeedAttribute textAttribute = new FeedAttribute();

FeedAttribute sourceNameAttribute = new FeedAttribute();
sourceNameAttribute.setName("Source Name");

FeedAttribute sourceUrlAttribute = new FeedAttribute();
sourceUrlAttribute.setName("Source URL");

FeedAttribute exactlyQuotedAttribute = new FeedAttribute();
exactlyQuotedAttribute.setName("Exactly Quoted");

Feed reviewExtensionFeed = new Feed();
reviewExtensionFeed.setName("Feed For ReviewExtension from API");
new FeedAttribute[] {textAttribute, sourceNameAttribute,
sourceUrlAttribute, exactlyQuotedAttribute});
If you have any questions about this feature or the AdWords API in general, you can post them on the developer forum. You can also follow the Google+ page for updates about the AdWords API.