Inside the AusVotes #democracysausage map

Election day has come and gone but for the true #democracysausage enthusiasts here is a recap of how Australians engaged with the AusVotes Map, Search and YouTube.

AusVotes Map 
Hundreds of thousands of Australians turned to Google's AusVotes Election Map in the lead up to Polling Day for important information like where to vote, how to get there, and candidates by electorate. And of course, live data to show you where to snag a sausage sambo or a piece of cake.

About 2500 of the approximately 6900 polling places listed a sausage sizzle - that is just over one third of polling booths. And the sizzle sites prevailed in popularity, with almost half of clicks going to a polling place with a Sausage Sizzle!

More importantly, approximately 94 per cent of polling places showed accessibility details - making it easier for everyone to get out and vote.

Google Doodle 
We marked Election Day with a special elections Doodle, making it easier for Aussies to find where to vote with a homepage message linking to the AusVotes Map.

As Australians headed to the ballot box, they were searching for information on policies, parties and candidates. We worked with newsrooms to help journalists access these trends and explore what voters care about this election. This wasn’t about voting intentions, but it did help provide unique insights into what people are searching for and what they care about at a local level.

Election Day on YouTube 
We also reminded Australians on YouTube to vote, with a link to find their nearest polling place. For the first time, people were able to watch live simulcasts of the ABC, Seven, Nine, Ten and Sky News’ Election Night coverage on YouTube. These live streams were featured prominently in an Australian Federal Election shelf that appeared on every Aussie user’s YouTube homepage.

Find out more here on how we helped to connect Australians with useful and relevant information Election information, and of course, locate a #democracysausage.