Import questions from previously existing forms into a new Google form

What’s changing 

We’re adding the ability to import questions from your existing Google Forms and forms shared with you into a new form.

Who’s impacted 

End users

Why you’d use it 

You’ve told us that the ability to import relevant questions from other forms into a new form is important. For example, educators frequently reuse questions from existing forms or forms shared with them for collaboration by others, to create quizzes. Or you could use this feature to quickly create forms that are distributed on a monthly or quarterly basis, like surveying your employees about workplace amenities.

Previously, it was only possible to do this manually, a process that often took a great deal of time.

How to get started 

  • Admins: No action required. 
  • End users:
    • First, open a form and from the action toolbar on the right, select Import Questions.
    • Then, from the dialogue box, select the form with the questions you want to import.
    • From the right hand sidebar menu, you can: 
      • Import all questions by choosing Select All> Import Questions 
      • Or, you can select specific questions to import and then select Import Questions 

Helpful links 


Rollout details

G Suite editions 

  • Available to all G Suite editions 

On/off by default? 

  • This feature will be available by default.

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