How Rituals used Google Marketing Platform to become a global brand

One year ago we introduced Google Marketing Platform to help marketers drive better results for their business. Google Marketing Platform brings together our advertising and analytics solutions, allowing you to create, buy, measure, and optimize your marketing in one single place. This enables a better understanding of the customer journey and more effective campaigns. 

We’ve seen companies around the world use this unified approach to deliver business growth. Rituals, a fast-growing European bath and body company, is one success story that stands out. Although popular across Europe, Rituals is thinking bigger—and is using Google Marketing Platform to achieve its goal of becoming a global brand.

Google Marketing Platform: Rituals Case Study

Google Marketing Platform: Rituals Case Study

Rituals accelerates growth with an automated audience strategy 

Rituals has a loyal customer base in Europe, but wanted to reach more people in other regions. To support this growth, Rituals needed a marketing strategy that could scale quickly.

Previously, in order to reach potential customers, the Rituals team would manually build audience lists that they would later use in their marketing campaigns. But as Rituals entered into more new countries, the amount of manual work that went into creating these audiences became excessive. Their team turned to Google Marketing Platform and its machine learning capabilities for help.

Today, Rituals uses Google Marketing Platform to predict which visitors to its website are most likely to purchase and then automatically create audiences of those people. This makes it easier for Rituals to quickly reach them across its marketing campaigns. 

The result? A faster and smarter approach to marketing, driving an 85 percent increase in sales and a 15 percent decrease in cost-per-acquisition.

The results are incredible. It actually helped us transform our whole vision. We want to be a global brand and Google Marketing Platform facilitates that growth. Martijn van der Zee
Digital Director at Rituals

To learn more about how Rituals automated its marketing strategy, read the full case study here.

As Google Marketing Platform enters its second year, we’re excited to continue to work with brands around the world and share their success stories.