Holiday Maps Minutes Hack #1: Save time beating bumper-to-bumper traffic

This post is the first in a series about how you can use Google Maps to save time this holiday season.

Your time is finite. But what if you could save all the minutes you waste in traffic, standing in lines, or shopping and spend them on what you love?

In December when things sometimes get a tad bit crazier, make the most of the time you do have. In the next few weeks we’ll share simple Google Maps hacks you can use to save time during the holidays.

We’re starting with…traffic. Why? Because no one likes traffic. Whether you’re driving to your once-a-year family gathering or trying to get to the mall in time for last-minute shopping, beating bumper-to-bumper traffic just might be one of the best holiday gifts you receive this year.

Google Maps gives you the best route, based on real-time traffic and historic traffic information. All you need to do is hit the navigation button and Google Maps takes care of the rest. You’ll even get an explanation for why it's the fastest route and updates when your ETA changes.

If you find yourself in a jam caused by an accident or construction, Google Maps lets you know how long you'll be at a standstill and automatically re-routes you if there’s a faster path.

Every minute counts, so hit the road and enjoy the ride—Google Maps has your back this holiday season.

Stay tuned for more Maps Minutes hacks. Next up: flying through airports with indoor Google Maps.

Posted by Olga Suvorova, Product Marketing Manager, Google Maps

Source: Google LatLong