Happy Birthday Brand Lift – We Got You Some New Features

Today’s consumer journey has become fragmented into micro-moments that span many channels, devices and media types.  As a brand trying to reach today’s consumer, it’s more important than ever that you know which moments matter most.  And, because consumers are making decisions faster than ever, you need to be able to make decisions equally as fast.

The good news is that while technology makes the consumer journey more fragmented, it also makes it easier to measure brand impact. At Google, it’s our mission to help you measure all of the moments that matter -- from first impression to final conversion.

That’s why last year we launched our Brand Lift solution, giving you insights into what impact your YouTube ads have on the consumer journey - from awareness, to ad recall, to brand interest - in a matter of days, not weeks or months.

So how is our one-year-old doing?  In the first year, we’ve run more than 10,000 studies on YouTube campaigns.  In April, we published an analysis showing the results Brand Lift has measured on YouTube, and found that 94% of campaigns saw a lift in ad recall, with an average lift of 80%.  Not bad for a toddler!

Today, we are excited to announce that we’re expanding Brand Lift to include measuring lift in consideration, favorability and purchase intent for your ads. Our survey methodology will quickly tell you how your YouTube ad resonates at different points in the consumer journey:

  • Did my ad break through with consumers?

  • Are they more aware of my brand after seeing my ad?

  • Is their consideration of my brand higher after my campaign?

  • Are consumers more favorable towards my brand after seeing my ad?

  • Has their intent to purchase from my brand risen?

And because more than half of YouTube traffic occurs on mobile devices, we’ve expanded Brand Lift to measure the impact of ads served on YouTube’s mobile app as well.  

With these additions, you can measure more of the moments in that make up today’s consumer journey, giving you a more complete view of how your YouTube campaigns drive impact.

Happy birthday Brand Lift!  Hope you like the new features we got you.

Posted by Samir Pradhan, Product Manager, Brand Lift