Google Workspace Updates Weekly Recap – September 22, 2023

New updates 

There are no new updates to share this week. Please see below for a recap of published announcements. 

Previous announcements

The announcements below were published on the Workspace Updates blog earlier this week. Please refer to the original blog posts for complete details.

Find and install third-party add-ons directly within Google Meet 
You can now find, install, and use third-party applications all without having to leave Google Meet. | Learn more about third-party add-ons for Google Meet.

Add Google Groups to spaces in Google Chat 
We’re introducing the ability for space managers and users with the permission to manage members to add Google Groups to a space. With this update, the group members are automatically added to a space and any changes to the group's membership, such as adding and removing members, are also automatically reflected in the space. | Learn more about Google Groups in spaces

Collaborate more seamlessly with live pointers in Google Slides 
To boost collaboration in Google Slides, we’re introducing live pointers, a new feature that allows you and your colleagues to see each other’s mouse pointers in real-time. With this update, co-creators can easily point out specific text or visual elements within a Slide in order to highlight important information and content. | Learn more about live pointers in Slides

Pair your video tile in Google Meet to improve accessibility for users with language interpreters 
We’re introducing tile pairing for Google Meet, which will allow you to pair your video tile with another meeting participant's tile. Once you pair your tile, other meeting participants will see both tiles shown next to each other. Both pairing partners will have their borders outlined in blue when speaking. Tile pairing will be indicated in the meeting captions as well. | Learn more about pairing tiles in Google Meet.

Differentiate messages better with additional modernizations in Google Chat 
We’re introducing message bubbles to enable users to more easily differentiate incoming versus outgoing messages in the Chat message stream. | Learn more about message bubbles in Chat

Turn Q&As on or off for Google Meet livestream viewers 
Earlier this year, we announced that meeting hosts can now enable Q&A and poll features, which previously were only offered in traditional Meet meetings. Beginning this week, meeting hosts can turn Q&A on and off for livestreams. | Learn more about Q&As in Google Meet.

Additional improvements for monitoring Google Meet hardware issues in the Admin console
Recently, we announced the ability to detect and monitor several additional Google Meet hardware issues from the Admin console. Now that ChromeOS M108 has rolled out to Meet hardware devices, we’re sharing an update on the rollout of some of those features. | Learn more about improvements for monitoring Google Meet hardware issues

Completed rollouts

The features below completed their rollouts to Rapid Release domains, Scheduled Release domains, or both. Please refer to the original blog posts for additional details.

Rapid Release Domains: