Google I/O session live: Streamlining developer experiences with the Google Maps APIs

While at Google I/O, Laurence Moroney and I had a chance to present our session titled ‘Streamlining developer experiences with the Google Maps APIs’. We’re pleased to share it more broadly for those of you who were not able to be there in person:
Streamlining developer experiences with the Google Maps APIs
The Google Maps APIs provide a seamless experience for developers of all levels. Some want to offer a map or directions but don't want to build these things themselves; this can be achieved with just a few lines of code. Other developers prefer to integrate natively with off-the-shelf widgets. Finally, some developers want complete control over every aspect of the presentation. This session highlights the Maps APIs that represent the full gamut of the developer experiences, enabling you to get going immediately and scale as necessary. You'll see how widgets and services can be added over time with a suite of Maps APIs, services and libraries.
I am a Developer Advocate at Google experienced in building on Android and the Google Maps API. I am based out of the Google Sydney office and lead the Geo Developer Relations & Next Billion Users Developer Relations team to inspire developers towards building on the Google developer platform. When I’m not at Google inspiring other developers, I enjoy spending time with my kids.