Google Cloud Launcher adds more container support

Containers are a repeatable and reliable way to deploy on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). With more and more customers adopting containers, there’s a clear need for more pre-packaged, secure, maintained container offerings that customers can easily deploy into their environments. A few weeks ago at Google Cloud Next ‘17, we launched container runtime base images for Debian, Ruby, OpenJDK, Jetty, Node.js and ASP.NET Core. Today, we're pleased to add the following Google maintained containers:

Google container solutions are managed by Google engineers. Since we’re maintaining the images, the containers available on Google Cloud Launcher will be current with the latest application and security updates.

The recipes we use to build the containers are publicly available on GitHub so that you can see how they were created. You can use the scripts and tweak them to create your own flavor of the containers. We strive to ensure these containers are not bloated and are vanilla images.

There’s no additional cost to use these containers beyond the cost of infrastructure. They're compatible with Docker and Kubernetes. The container images can be used on GCP with Google App Engine, Google Container Engine, Docker, or even off GCP in an on-premises Kubernetes environment. They're production-grade, which means you can deploy them onto a compatible virtual machine and run your business on them.

Our team of engineers welcomes feedback so feel free to post on the issue tracker in GitHub for the container solutions. We’d love to hear about any issues or feature requests. View our full list of open source container solutions managed by Googlers here.

If you’re new to GCP, it’s easy and free to get started with our $300 dollar of credit for 12 months.