Goal Seek add-on now available for Google Sheets

What’s changing

The Goal Seek add-on for Google Sheets can now be downloaded and installed from the G Suite Marketplace.

Populating and triggering the solve functionality for the Goal Seek add-on.

The Goal Seek add-on running and successfully finding a solution.

Who’s impacted

Admins and end users

Why you’d use it

You can use the Goal Seek add-on to calculate the required value of a cell to achieve a desired value in another cell. This is particularly useful when conducting break-even analysis or sensitivity calculations, like determining how changing one value affects other correlated values in your sheet.

How to get started

Additional details

This add-on is developed in Apps Script and requires making requests via the Sheets API. That means that the API request quota for your domain will be affected and the number of requests that can be made by other App Script projects could be limited. See the Help Center for more information about monitoring API quotas and adjusting the request quota for your domain.

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Rollout details

G Suite editions
  • Available to all G Suite editions

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