Full Customer Journey: Three Lenses of Measurement

My son is a LEGO enthusiast, and even though I don’t build that often, I am usually involved in the acquisition process of LEGO sets or digital goods. To quote a few, we build with bricks, plan with their software, play with their apps, buy through their website and consume content on their social profiles. Quite a lot of touch points with their brand, and that’s not all!

On my side, I get very curious on how they measure and optimize their customer experiences, so I like to use them as an example of how challenging the measurement world has become. And the way we look at this challenge at Google is through three lenses of measurement:
  1. Holistic Measurement: how can we understand our customers using multiple devices through multiple touch points? 
  2. Full Credit Measurement: how can we attribute the credit of bringing new and returning customers to marketing campaigns?
  3. Active Measurement: how can we make sure that data is accessible, accurate and comprehensive?
This is the kind of challenge that we try to solve for and that drives our thinking. Paul Muret, VP Engineering at Google, discussed these three challenges in his article on the Harvard Business Review and how we should face them. Here is an excerpt:
This is creating tremendous opportunities for business teams to engage customers throughout their new and more complex buying journeys. But before you can take advantage, you have to understand that journey by measuring and analyzing the data in new ways that value these moments appropriately. The payoff is better alignment between marketing messages and consumers’ intent during their paths to purchase - and ultimately, better business results.
Below is a presentation delivered by me at Dublin, in a Google Think event earlier this year. I discuss each of the challenges in depth.