Folders: a powerful tool to manage cloud resources

Today we’re excited to announce general availability of folders in Cloud Resource Manager, a powerful tool to organize and administer cloud resources. This feature gives you the flexibility to map resources to your organizational structure and enable more granular access control and configuration for those resources.

Folders can be used to represent different departments, teams, applications or environments in your organization. With folders, you can give teams and departments the agility to delegate administrative rights and enable them to run independently.

Folders help you scale by enabling you to organize and manage their resources hierarchically. By enforcing Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies on folders, admins can delegate control over parts of the resource hierarchy to the appropriate teams. Using organization-level IAM roles in conjunction with folders, you can maintain full visibility and control over the entire organization without needing to be directly involved in every operation.
“Our engineering team manages several hundred projects within GCP, and the resource hierarchy makes it easy to handle the growing complexity of our environment. We classify projects based on criteria such as department, geography, product, and data sensitivity to ensure the right people have access to the right information. With folders, we have the flexibility we need to organize our resources and manage access control policies based on those criteria.” 
Alex Olivier, Technical Product Manager, Qubit
Folders establish trust boundaries between resources. By assigning Cloud IAM roles to folders, you can help isolate and protect production critical workloads while still allowing your teams to create and work freely. For example, you could grant a Project Creator role to the entire team on the Test folder, but only assign the Log Viewer role on the Production folder, so that users can do necessary debugging without the risk of compromising critical components.

The combination of organization policy and folders lets you define organization-level configurations and create exceptions for subtrees of the resource hierarchy. For example, you can constrain access to an approved set of APIs across the organization for compliance reasons, but create an exception for a Test folder, where a broader set of APIs is allowed for testing purposes.

Folders are easy to use and, as any other resource in GCP, they can be managed via API, gcloud and the Cloud Console UI. Watch this demo to learn how to incorporate folders into your GCP hierarchy.

To learn more about folders, read the beta launch blog post or the documentation.