Flubaroo 3.0 Released

Flubaroo, a popular Apps Script application that helps teachers with grading, has just reached version 3.0. The new features and improvements include:

  • Smarter emailing of grades.
  • Option to email "Help Tips" for each question.
  • Option to send students individualized feedback.
  • Multi-language support, with first language of Spanish.
  • Easier to read grade emails.

If you know any teachers who aren’t using Flubaroo yet, why not encourage them to try it out? It doesn’t cost a thing, and has helped thousands of teachers save time and gain insight into student performance — all through the power of Apps Script.

Dave Abouav   profile

Dave is a Googler who also teaches physics at community college at nights. He developed Flubaroo as his 20%-time project, and runs edCode.org, a community of teachers and developers creating free, open-source tools for education.