FA Cup Nerdfighteria: Football Fan Culture on YouTube

John Green is many things: a Vlogbrother, the author of "The Fault In Our Stars" and "Paper Towns", and part of the driving force behind YouTube conference VidCon. But in addition to these he is also a dedicated football fan, funneling revenue from the Hankgames channel into the groundbreaking AFC Wimbledon club to secure shirt (and now shorts) sponsorship. 

However, John is also a passionate fan of  Liverpool FC, and so found his allegiances tested when the teams drew each other in the FA Cup. His vlog of the trip to London for the fixture is a must-see, as are highlights of the game itself (which include a fantastic free kick from Steven Gerrard). 


John isn't the only football fan choosing to capture his love of the game to share on YouTube, as the past few seasons have seen fan channels and content springing up and finding success. The Redmen TV has tracked the highs and lows of following Liverpool since 2010, Arsenal Fan TV has done likewise for the North London club (striking gold earlier this season when fellow fans clashed after a loss) and the Manchester United-backing Full Time Devils, whose post-match interviews have turned vocal fan Andy Tate into a YouTube and Vine star. This season has also seen The True Geordie get into his stride, documenting his reactions to Newcastle United's volatile Premiership run, picking up over 60,000 subscribers in the process -- six times the following of the club's official channel

Life as a fan is also given a more traditional documentary treatment from football specialists Copa 90, who travelled to Seattle to capture the commitment of the Sounders' ultras, attended the most ferocious fixtures across Europe with the Derby Days series and sent Football Virgin Maya Jama on a personal quest to both learn about the game and find her team. 

So there you have it: it's a great time to be a football fan on YouTube, so go join the conversation with fans (and rivals) of your team voicing their passion on the platform. You could even become 'internet famous' in the process... 

Jamie Dolling, YouTube UK, recently watched "Nike Academy: Winter Training"

Source: YouTube UK Blog