Explore new dimensions of film at Adelaide Fringe Festival, with a wave of your smartphone

Falling in love is often described as a temporary madness. We feel time stop, lose our words, and find our head over our heels. Through a new interactive film, Love at Fifth Site, audiences are invited to explore the joy and the jungle of love, with the wave of a smartphone.

Our Creative Lab team and Grumpy Sailor Creative are presenting Love at Fifth Site, premiering at the Adelaide Fringe Festival from 17 February to 19 March 19, with a cast of young Australian talent, including Susie Youssef, Shannon Murphy and Rarriwuy Hick. Love at Fifth Site allows the audience to ‘shine a light’ onto the inner monologue of the film’s protagonists across a series of serendipitous and sometimes awkward encounters.


Through an installation of ‘mini-sets’ across Adelaide Fringe’s Digital Arcade space, the audience watch Sam and Tina over 20 years as they almost get together, and are exposed to their fears and insecurities and sometimes the bad luck that comes between them.

Using the mobile browser’s device orientation API and Chromebooks, the technology transforms any smartphone into a remote control for a nearby display. The smartphone’s gyroscope then responds to interaction and movement, allowing audiences to delve into different dimensions of the story.

Love at Fifth Site builds on previous work by the Creative Lab to explore how technology can help artists create new and engaging experiences for their audiences. The work forms part of an ongoing exploration of how technology can help artists push the boundaries of traditional storytelling. Check it out if you are heading to Adelaide Fringe!