Even more unwanted software protection via the Safe Browsing API

Deceptive software disguised as a useful download harms your web experience by making undesired changes to your computer. Safe Browsing offers protection from such unwanted software by showing a warning in Chrome before you download these programs. In February we started showing additional warnings in Chrome before you visit a site that encourages downloads of unwanted software.

Today, we’re adding information about unwanted software to our Safe Browsing API.
In addition to our constantly-updated malware and phishing data, our unwanted software data is now publicly available for developers to integrate into their own security measures. For example, any app that wants to save its users from winding up on sites that lead to deceptive software could use our API to do precisely that.

We continue to integrate Safe Browsing technology across Google—in Chrome, Google Analytics, and more—to protect users. Our Safe Browsing API helps extend our malware, phishing, and unwanted software protection to keep more than 1.1 billion users safe online.

Check out our updated API documentation here.