Embrace your inner gaming hero with Gamer ID

If you're like me or many other gamers out there, you love the feeling of escape that comes with playing games. Immersed in a gaming world without any distractions, I can simply focus on one thing: winning. In this alternate world, I’m not Ben, product manager at Google. I’m Caldorf, destroyer of enemy bases; slayer of zombies.

Over the next few weeks we’re rolling out Gamer IDs to Google Play Games. Gamer IDs give you the ability to create a gaming persona, so you too can embrace your inner gaming hero. You can customize a unique Gamer ID and select a Gamer Picture to create a whole new gaming identity.

For new users signing into your first Google Play Games integrated game, and for existing users signing into a new Play Games integrated game, you will create your Gamer ID and select one of 40+ avatars for your Gamer Picture. You can choose to make your game activity public or private, and decide if other gamers will be able to associate your Gamer ID with your email address or name. Gamer IDs are unique, and to claim yours right now you can go to the Google Play Games app.

In addition, we’re making it easier and faster to start playing games. With auto sign-in, you’ll be prompted to sign-in once per account, rather than once per game, and you’ll automatically be signed in to most future games.

With your new gaming identity, you can battle monsters as the valiant gamer you truly are, and be duly recognized for your accomplishments across Play Games experiences such as leaderboards. And who knows, someday your Gamer ID could be as recognizable as Mystik, Mew2King, or PewDiePie.

To learn more about setting up your gamer ID please review the Play Games sign-in help center article here.

Posted by Benjamin Frenkel, Product Manager, Google Play Games