Deprecating PHP 5.2 support for the Ads PHP Client Library

Starting January 1st, 2015, the PHP Ads client library will stop supporting PHP 5.2:
  • We will no longer test against PHP 5.2, or fix bugs that only affect PHP 5.2 users
  • Newer versions of the library may not work with PHP 5.2
This will impact PHP client library users of the AdWords API, the DoubleClick for Publishers API, and the DoubleClick Ad Exchange Buyer APIs.

PHP 5.2 hasn’t been supported since 2011 and should be upgraded to a current, stable version. Upgrading ensures you’ll receive the latest security updates.

In addition, there are numerous issues when using the PHP 5.2 SOAP client, such as: In particular, custom HTTP headers are required for the DoubleClick for Publishers API starting from DoubleClick for Publishers API v201405 - the OAuth 2.0 access token must be passed via the HTTP headers rather than the URL parameter. In this case, PHP 5.2 users must upgrade in order to use DoubleClick for Publishers API v201405.

As always, if you have any questions, drop us a line on the forums (AdWords API, DoubleClick for Publishers API, DoubleClick Ad Exchange Buyer API) or Ads Developers Google+ page.