Custom Playback Changes Now Live for the IMA HTML5 SDK

We previously announced changes to the way the IMA HTML5 SDK handles custom playback and custom click tracking elements. Starting today, October 2, 2014, those behavior changes will be rolling out.

Custom playback changes

Effective today, custom playback will now be used only when necessary (e.g., on devices such as iPhones or pre-4.0 Android phones) rather than whenever a custom playback video element is passed in.

We recommend all implementations now pass in the custom playback element so that ads will be rendered via a more seamless playback experience across different environments. For more info on the change and code snippets to help you upgrade, see upgrading to the new custom playback.

Custom click tracking element changes

Custom click tracking elements will now only be used in certain video environments. To determine whether or not a custom click tracking element is being used, check ima.AdsManager.isCustomClickTrackingUsed in an AdEvent such as ima.AdEvent.STARTED. Additionally, please do not render your custom click tracking element over your video player as it will break the ad experience by preventing clickthroughs on the ad and skip button. For more information on the custom click tracking element changes, see "a note about custom click tracking elements" on our custom playback guide.

As always, if you have any questions about these changes or other IMA SDK questions, feel free to contact us via the support forum.