Create or delete Google+ profiles for multiple employees at once

In the Admin console today, you can create Google+ profiles for employees in your domain—either one by one or across an entire organizational unit (OU). Until now, however, if you needed to create profiles for multiple individuals or only a portion of an OU, that process was tedious and lengthy. And if you needed to delete profiles, no tool existed. To save you valuable time and to give you greater control over your employees’ information, we’re now launching the ability to create and delete Google+ profiles for several employees at once.

Simply visit Apps > Additional Google services > Google+ > Profiles in the Admin console, and select all of the users for whom you want to create profiles (or whose profiles you want to delete).

In any profile you create, all information—except the individual’s name, picture, and tagline—will remain private until that user takes action to make it public. It’s important to note that you will not be able create a profile for any user who already has a public Gmail picture or who has uploaded photos to Picasa. Just as is the case today, those users will need to create their own Google+ profiles manually.

If you delete profiles for certain users, some of their content will also be deleted, while some of their content will remain. For more specific details, carefully review the summary of terms that appears in the Admin console before you complete this process.

*Please note that the bulk creation feature is not available to K–12 Google for Education customers.

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Help Center: Manage Google+ profiles

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