Conversion Category Changes in AdWords API, Google Ads API, and Google Ads scripts

Since May 2020, when you sign in to your Google Ads account you may be prompted to upgrade each of your conversion actions to the new conversion categories. The updated conversion categories provide more granularity to describe the conversion actions that are the most meaningful for your business. More details can be found in this Google Ads Help Center article.

Starting October 15th 2020, these suggestions will be automatically applied if you haven’t already accepted them. Google Ads API, AdWords API and Google Ads Scripts users will see the following changes:

If you are using the Google Ads API, the new conversion categories are already available in ConversionActionCategoryEnum. No further action is needed.

If you are using the AdWords API, since we are not releasing a new version for the AdWords API, the new conversion category types will be translated to the existing ConversionTracker.Category enum values, based on the mapping below:
New Conversion Category ConversionTracker.Category
Add to cart LEAD
Begin checkout LEAD
Subscribe (paid) PURCHASE
Subscribe (free) SIGNUP
Phone call leads LEAD
Offline lead LEAD
Submit lead form LEAD
Book appointment LEAD
Request quote LEAD
Get directions LEAD
Outbound click LEAD
Contact LEAD
View key page PAGE_VIEW
Engagement DEFAULT
Store visit DEFAULT
Store sale PURCHASE
Therefore, if you are using the AdWords API to retrieve conversion category types (via reports or services), you will still see existing conversion category types being returned based on the mapping above, which will be different from the migrated new types in Google Ads UI.

AdWords API users can still create conversion actions using the existing category types. The AdWords API will automatically translate the created conversions to new category types, based on machine learning models. You can find code examples on how to set category type for conversion actions on the AdWords API developer site.

If you are using Google Ads scripts, when you select or filter on the report field ConversionCategoryName, you will see the same existing category types as the ones used in AdWords API, based on the mapping in the above table.

If you have any questions or need additional help, contact us via the forum.