Book resources that are shared as ‘See only free/busy’ in Google Calendar

Currently, when Google Apps admins create a new calendar resource in the Admin console, it is shared as ‘See only free/busy’ with everyone in their domain when internal sharing options for secondary calendars are set to 'Hide event details.' However, this default behavior does not allow for these resources to be booked by users in the domain, and requires admins to share those resources with the domain as ‘See all event details.’

With today’s launch, a new setting has been added to the Admin console to allow users to book resources that are shared as ‘See only free/busy.’
This new setting has the following advantages:
  • Admins can now hide, by default, sensitive event information from users in their domain, without preventing those users from booking those resources. 
  • Admins no longer need to manually modify the sharing settings of each resource they create to make them available for booking from their domain. 
The setting will be defaulted off for all existing Apps customers, so existing configured resource booking settings will not change as a result of this launch. See the Help Center for more information.

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Launching to both Rapid release and Scheduled release

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Full rollout (1-3 days for feature visibility)

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