Better Wi-Fi for everyone

We believe in the power of great internet, but we also know that, for most of us, our internet is only as good as our Wi-Fi.

My husband and I both work from home, and I am … not quiet … when I talk on video calls. So, I’ve set up my laptop as far away from my husband’s desk as possible, which also means I’m four thick walls away from my router. That doesn’t make for great Wi-Fi. And I know I’m not alone. Wi-Fi issues are a common complaint for customers, regardless of their internet service provider.

No one wants to have to think about their internet. At Google Fiber, we want internet that just works for you anywhere in the home, and for most people that means Wi-Fi. So we’ve been working on improving your Wi-Fi experience, starting with giving you the opportunity to use whatever router you want.

Now, you can bring your favorite router with you when you sign up for 1 Gig or change your plan to 'Use your own router' in your Google Fiber account — if you’re the kind of internet user that’s comfortable setting up and troubleshooting your own equipment.

For customers who don’t want to take on that technical responsibility, we’re still here to help with your Wi-Fi (or anything else you may need from us). You can learn more about whole home Wi-Fi from Google Fiber here.

If you’re a Google Fiber customer and have an issue with your Google Fiber service, let us know. We always want you to be able to make the most of your internet, including your Wi-Fi. (Shout out to my customer service friends answering my Twitter DMs — you’re my real MVPs.) 

We’re always looking for ways to make Google Fiber better. Great internet = great Wi-Fi, so we’ll keep working to improve that experience for our customers, whether they’re right next to their router or four rooms away.

Posted by Amanda Peterson, Product Marketing Manager


Author: Amanda Peterson

Title: Product Marketing Manager

category: product_news