Behind the Scenes with Google Data Studio

This Spring, as part of our Google Analytics 360 suite, we introduced Google Data Studio 360, to help you simply and beautifully present data from multiple data sources, including Google Analytics, Google Sheets and much more.

In May, we introduced Google Data Studio, a free version of our tool, to put it in the hands of many more of you - which has led to the design and sharing of creative reports that bring your information to life. We’ve been excited to see the rapid adoption, and initiated a series of livestreams to answer questions around our design of the product, deliver demos and highlight features.

The first recording in this series, hosted by Product Manager Nick Mihailovski and Louis Gray, is now available, and shares:
  • An introduction to Google Data Studio 
  • The perspective of our product manager on Data Visualization 
  • Walkthroughs and sample reports 
Watch the first video in this series via the embed below or on YouTube here.

Posted by Louis Gray, Google Analytics Team