Be a programmatic expert: learn Bid Manager with role-based training and webinars

Programmatic buying in DoubleClick Bid Manager keeps getting easier. We offer training for all levels, from new user training to advanced webinars. To help you learn faster and more efficiently, we’ve launched the new Bid Manager checklists along with two new optimization webinars.

Bid Manager checklists

Learn the basics of Bid Manager or master more advanced campaign management topics using the new Bid Manager checklists. These self-paced learning paths help you learn and master the product based on your role:
  • Basics for new users: Learn the basics of a demand-side platform and apply these concepts to an advertiser's media plan in Bid Manager. This checklist includes Bid Manager Fundamentals eLearning and certification. You'll also learn how Bid Manager integrates with DoubleClick Campaign Manager & DFA6. 
  • Implementation guide for administrators: Learn to set up and structure a new account, set up new users, and create new advertisers. 
  • Implementation guides for campaign managers: Walk through step-by-step guidelines, tips, and best practices for setting up new campaigns. We offer checklists for campaign managers based on whether or not they use DoubleClick Campaign Manager & DFA6.
Regardless of your level of experience with real time bidding and DoubleClick Bid Manager, we have a learning track that’s right for you!

Join a webinar this spring
Continue your learning by joining a live training webinar this spring. See the schedule below and register through the Training page in the Bid Manager Help Center (sign-in required).

Bid Manager Overview for new users – 4/17
Get an overview of Bid Manager – including the basic benefits and features of demand-side platforms and how ad exchanges work. Learn the steps to setting up a new campaign in Bid Manager. We'll also cover Core Bid Manager functionality and how it works with DoubleClick Campaign Manager & DFA6, as well as how to analyze performance and optimize campaigns. Register

We also offer eLearning and Certification, available in Spanish, Portuguese-Brazilian, and more.

Optimization webinar series
Learn key features in DoubleClick Bid Manager so you can more effectively manage your programmatic campaigns.
Bids and budgets – 5/15
Learn tips on setting up bids, budgets, and frequency caps, and evaluating the performance to make optimizations. Register 
Audience buying – 5/28
Learn to use the audience targeting feature for both third-party and first-party audience targeting. We'll look at tools like the Audience Composition report, and provide best practices for your remarketing line items. Register 
These webinars are intended for Bid Manager users who have completed Fundamentals training. If you’re a Bid Manager customer but are not yet using the tool, complete the Fundamentals eLearning.
Advanced webinars
Launch your campaign – 4/23
Now that you know the basics, it's time to set your bid strategies. In this webinar, you’ll walk through turning a media plan into a live campaign in Bid Manager. We'll also cover different strategies for gaining reach and increasing ROI, as well as setting up remarketing recency. Register

Creative Approvals – 6/3
Learn more about the creative approval process and find out what you need to do if creatives aren't approved. Register

These webinars are intended for Bid Manager users who have completed Fundamentals training. If you’re a Bid Manager customer but are not yet using the tool, complete the Fundamentals eLearning.

Watch a pre-recorded webinar
We also offer recorded webinars in our Help Center, covering an Overview for new users, topics like keyword contextual targeting, creative approvals, upgrades, and more. While you’re there, be sure to read about our latest product releases.

Some sessions mention prerequisites where we recommend background knowledge. Please note these to make sure you get the most out of each session. Lastly, be aware of any regional time differences before enrolling in any of the live sessions.

Keep in mind, the Bid Manager Help Center is only available to current Bid Manager users, so you'll need to sign in with the Google account you use for Bid Manager.

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Posted by Molly Larrison, DoubleClick Bid Manager Product Trainer