Auto-upgrade to the new Google Forms

In the coming weeks, we’ll begin auto-upgrading all legacy forms created in the old version of Google Forms (those created prior to February 2013) to the new version. The new version of Forms supports higher response rates and advanced features like custom themes, randomizing questions, and one response per person.

All responses from the old Forms will migrate seamlessly to the new version. Legacy form themes and stylings will migrate as well with potential visual differences. After the upgrade is complete, a notification will appear when an editor opens any upgraded form, indicating that the upgrade has occurred. At that point, we recommend choosing a newer theme (or customizing one) to ensure a smooth user experience with your form. 

In the future, we’ll be auto-converting legacy themes to comparable versions in the new system, which will allow for theme customization and a better mobile experience (additional communication to follow in advance of this change).

Release track:
Upgrade for Rapid release domains to start on Oct 20, with Scheduled release starting two weeks later (gradual rollout)

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Note: all launches are applicable to all Google Apps editions unless otherwise noted
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