ASICS stays on top of their IT game with Google

From street fashion to the Olympic arena, ASICS has provided quality products to its customers for more than six decades. But when it comes to sports, being the best has never been just about tenure. Athletes reach new heights thanks to a number of factors, including innovation in the sportswear that they rely on for peak performance.

Much like their athletes, ASICS is evaluating the tools they use to perform at their peak — but in IT. Many companies across industries are asking, “how can our global brand stay competitive in a crowded, ever-changing business landscape?” For ASICS, innovative IT is a major part of their regimen. From studying athletes' performance and predicting the needs of customers, to developing products in smarter ways, technology is now the driving force. As a global team, ASICS stays in sync around the world by using G Suite tools like video, instant messaging, collaborative documents and storage, which help ASICS’ employees create and innovate effortlessly.

Together, ASICS and Google Cloud are partnering in IT innovation to help deliver exceptional sporting experiences to athletes around the world. To find out more about G Suite products, visit