Announcing v201902 of the Google Ad Manager API

We're happy to announce that v201902 of the Google Ad Manager API is available starting today. The two main areas that are getting new API functionality are forecasting and video.

In v201902, you can set LineItems to be paced based on their projected traffic instead of their historical traffic by setting DeliveryForecastSource to FORECASTING. This API version also adds the AdjustmentService to manage traffic forecast adjustments. For example, if you’re expecting an increase in traffic for an upcoming holiday, you can manually adjust your forecasts to take that increase into consideration.

There are also several updates to video features in this version of the API. You can now target LineItems by CmsMetadataValues (content targeting) and custom AdSpots (position targeting).

For a full list of API changes in v201902, see the release notes.

For questions about this or any other API changes, reach out to us on the Ad Manager API forum.