Announcing v201802 of the AdWords API

Today we’re announcing the release of AdWords API v201802. Here are the highlights: In addition to the above changes for v201802, the following improvements were made in all versions of the AdWords API:
  • Click types for Shopping Showcase ads. The list of click types in reports now includes values for Showcase Shopping ads interactions.
  • Member uploads by mobile ID/IDFA and address. All users of the AdWords API can now upload mobile ID/IDFA and address member data to CrmBasedUserList. Previously, these features were only available to whitelisted users.
If you’re using v201705 or v201708 of the AdWords API, please note that they will be sunset on March 28, 2018. We strongly encourage you to skip v201705, v201708, and v201710 and migrate directly to v201802. If you're using v201710, be aware it's now marked deprecated and will be sunset on July 11, 2018.

As with every new version of the AdWords API, please carefully review all changes in the release notes and the v201802 migration guide. The updated client libraries and code examples will be published within the next 48 hours.

If you have any questions or need help with migration, please contact us via the forum.