Announcing v201508 of the DFP API

It’s finally here, the release everyone some of you have been waiting for: v201508. I know you’re excited and probably want to go download an updated version of the client library right away, but give me a second to tell you why you should be excited.

We’ve improved the reconciliation services in the DFP Sales Manager API, making for easier updates and reporting. There’s a bunch of changes to trafficking creatives giving you more control and visibility over your creative library. We’re also cleaning house on reporting, making the columns and dimension attributes you know and love that much easier to use.

(see full release notes here).

DFP Core

DFP trafficking objects received a few facelifts in this version.
  • We removed IDs from CreativePlaceholders (don’t worry, they weren’t being used anywhere).
  • On the creatives front, we switched Flash creatives over to use CreativeAssets, which should make duplicating and reusing flash creatives much easier. And we added CreativePolicyViolations to each creative so you can know exactly why a creative or line item was paused.
  • We’ve updated line item creative associations by adding a DeleteLineItemCreativeAssociations action to match UI functionality. It should be noted that deleting them is a permanent action and not simply a change in status. Deleted LICAs will no longer be accessible in the UI or API.

Sales Manager

If it’s been your dream to reconcile your delivery and billing data at the line item level, you should probably sit down for this, because featured in this release is the addition of the ReconciliationLineItemReportService which brings parity to the reconciliation process in the UI.

Additionally, we’re adding a few replacement DimensionAttributes to our ReportService - PROPOSAL_LINE_ITEM_LAST_RECONCILIATION_DATE_TIME, PROPOSAL_LINE_ITEM_RECONCILIATION_STATUS, and their LINE_ITEM_* equivalents to use for when you start reconciling line items. See the related blog post on the removal of the RECONCILIATION_RECONCILIATION_STATUS and RECONCILIATION_LAST_DATE_TIME columns found here.


We’ve removed all DimensionFilters, as stated earlier this year (ones that have significant usage are replaced with PQL filters), added two new dimensions for ORDER_DELIVERY_STATUS as well as AGGREGATED_DEMAND_CHANNEL, and renamed the Nielsen metrics from NIELSEN_OCR_* to NIELSEN_*.

As a reminder, with each new release comes a new deprecation. If you're using v201408 or earlier, it's time to look into upgrading. If you have any questions about upgrading, let us know on the developer forum.