Announcing the release of the Authorized Buyers Marketplace API

The Authorized Buyers Marketplace API has been released. You can use the Marketplace API to manage clients, users, and auction packages, and to negotiate proposals with publishers. This new API is intended to replace the following Marketplace resources included in the Ad Exchange Buyer II API:
Although the Ad Exchange Buyer II API is not deprecated at this time, we recommend that all Marketplace integrations adopt the new API to receive the latest updates going forward. New features will only appear in the Marketplace API.

The Marketplace API introduces the following features:
  • Programmatic support for auction packages.
  • Deals are now a sub-resource of proposals.
  • The finalizedDeals resource helps you manage deals.
  • The rtbMetrics field of finalizedDeals provides performance data.
Given that the Marketplace API is distinct from the existing Real-time Bidding and Ad Exchange Buyer II APIs, please note that you need to enable the Authorized Buyers Marketplace API in your Google Cloud Console project. Additionally, you need to update your existing OAuth 2.0 credentials and workflows to include a new API scope:

For any questions or feedback about this API, please contact us via our support forums.