Announcing new AdMob API methods and authorization scope

Today we are announcing the launch of two new features in the AdMob API:

  • New admob.readonly OAuth 2.0 scope
  • Inventory methods including list apps and ad units

New OAuth 2.0 scope

While the scope is only intended for reports, the new admob.readonly scope is intended for all read methods, including reports and inventory. We recommend using the admob.readonly scope as it can be used for all read only methods.

Scope Functionality See all of your AdMob data. This may include your account information, inventory and mediation settings, reports, and other data. If you agree, this app will be allowed to see, but not make changes to your AdMob data. This doesn't include sensitive data, such as payments or campaign details. See ad performance and earnings reports.

See publisher ID, timezone and default currency code.

New methods

We have added the following new methods to the v1beta AdMob API, which allow you to view your AdMob apps and ad units.

How can I start using the new methods and scope?

The beta is available to all AdMob users. You can start with the client libraries that we have created for you.

Where can I learn more?

Feel free to reach out to us via the AdMob API forum if you have questions or feedback regarding the AdMob API.