Announcing beta launch of Display & Video 360 API v2 and survey extension

We’re pleased to announce that Display & Video 360 API v2 is available in public beta starting today. We're also extending our DV360 API Developer Survey through the end of September so that we can gather more customer feedback on v2 and the API in general.

v2 includes a number of new features and breaking changes. Here are some of the changes introduced in v2:

More detailed information about this release can be found in our release notes. Follow the steps in our migration guide to migrate from v1 to v2. As it is in beta, be aware that we might make unversioned breaking changes to DV360 API v2 before it exits the beta phase.

If you want to provide feedback and recommend features that should be included in future versions of the API, please fill out our DV360 API Developer Survey. The survey has been extended through the end of September and will help shape the product roadmap for v2 and beyond.

If you run into issues or need help with these new features or samples, please contact us using our support contact form.