AdWords API: Changes to how we report mobile click-to-call data

Starting the week of September 29, 2014, we’re changing the way we report mobile click-to-call data in AdWords API reports.

Currently, when you download a CAMPAIGN_PERFORMANCE_REPORT or ADGROUP_PERFORMANCE_REPORT with ClickType segmentation, mobile click-to-call data is reported as two separate click types:
  • A row with ClickType = CALL contains all the stats related to clicks, like Clicks, Impressions, Cost, etc.
  • A row with ClickType = MOBILE_CALL_TRACKING contains all the corresponding stats related to phone calls, like NumOfflineInteractions, NumOfflineImpressions etc, OfflineInteractionCost, etc.
Based on your feedback, we will combine these two click types into a single click type starting the week of September 29, 2014. The combined data will now show up on a single row: ClickType = CALL. As a result, you’ll no longer receive data for ClickType = MOBILE_CALL_TRACKING. This change will impact existing mobile click-to-call data, including historical performance.

If your applications use these report types to process mobile click-to-call data, make sure they account for this new data format. If you have questions or comments, let us know on our developer forum. You can also follow our Google+ page for updates about the AdWords API.