AdFormat in Search Query Performance Report will start returning UNKNOWN starting 2021-05-12

On 2021-05-12 we will deprecate the  AdFormat column in the Search Query Performance Report for AdWords API and Google Ads scripts. From then onwards, the report will return UNKNOWN for this field. This does not affect the Google Ads API.

The AdFormat column provides the type of creative that was triggered such as text, image, or video. If you still require this information, you can instead select AdGroupId and CreativeId from the same report, then call AdGroupAdService.get() to retrieve the Ad.type field.

This completes the migration that was started in January 2020 to remove AdFormat from all reports.

If you have any questions about this or anything else related to the AdWords API, please reach out to our support team on the forum.

Nick Birnie, Google Ads API Team