Adding New Resource Types to ChangeStatus in Google Ads API

We're hard at work in bringing some new resource types to the change_status report. Some planned future improvements include changes to shared sets and assets. While these types will be fully supported in future versions of the Google Ads API, the infrastructure changes we're making to support them will have some effects on existing versions as well.

When we add support for new resource types, you will be able to fetch the new rows in all versions of the API, with the resource_type returning as UNKNOWN in already released versions. In some specific instances, rows that previously had a known resource_type, such as CAMPAIGN, may start returning a resource type of UNKNOWN. This will occur if, for example, a change that was previously reported as a CAMPAIGN change was actually a CAMPAIGN_ASSET change all along. The future version of the API will know about the CAMPAIGN_ASSET resource type, but existing versions do not, so we must use UNKNOWN. This row will also have a new resource_name associated with it, which now includes the asset's ID as well.

The new resource name for the row will include an identifier that tells what kind of change it is. We will keep an updated list of these identifiers on the change status guide. This lookup will only be necessary for rows with an UNKNOWN resource type, and corresponds to the resource type that would be returned from the future API version when that resource type is fully supported.

We are planning multiple new resource types for this report, so please expect UNKNOWN types to appear for various new resource types. Rest assured that when you see this, it's because an upcoming release will have a newly supported resource type for the change_status report. We won't make any changes until at least May 24, 2021, so you have time to ensure that your code can handle UNKNOWN resource type rows.

If you have any questions, please leave a post on our forum so that we can help.