A new log analyzer for Google Drive for Mac/PC

Google Drive for Mac/PC — the app that syncs your computer with Google Drive — is an easy way to make sure your files are safe and accessible from anywhere. Today, we are releasing a new feature in the Google Apps Toolbox that makes troubleshooting Google Drive for Mac/PC easier and faster for Google Apps admins.

Today, if you are investigating even common problems with Google Drive, it can be a challenge, because even though Google Drive for Mac/PC generates a very rich log file that contains the error message, it’s also nested in the middle of many other log messages.

That's why we created Loganalyzer for Google Drive, a tool to help you diagnose common problems with Google Drive.


  • No need to upload large files, the file is analyzed in the browser
  • Instant scrolling, even with large log files
  • Instant and powerful log filtering
  • It detects Known issues and common configuration pitfalls automatically.
  • It provides suggestions and workarounds.

Loganalyzer for Google Drive is based on the same knowledge and technology our Technical Support team uses, and we thought sharing this tool would be useful for Google Apps admins and power Google Drive users to be able to diagnose their issues more easily.

To get started, visit the Google Apps toolbox, a collection of tools that every Google Apps admin should bookmark.

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