A few inspirations from Google Arts & Culture for your summer vacations

Summer is here. Since many of us are unlikely to venture far amid the global pandemic, Google Arts & Culture and its partners have tried to come up with some unexpected ways to travel the globe. “It’s a Wonderful World” is a new online exhibition that offers some inspiration on what to discover from your home, as well as some ideas for your next trip.  

Climbing to the top of Eiffel Tower or walking around the Statue of Liberty via Street View is a great start, but the real fun begins when you bring these and other icons right into your home. “Paper Giants” is our latest activity for creative travelers. Feeling crafty? Grab a pair of scissors and paper sheets and a ruler, and follow the instructions of British paper artist, Charles, as he recreates miniatures of monumental cultural landmarks from London’s Tower bridge to the Tower of Pisa.

How To Make Your Own Tower of Pisa Out of Paper

A few weeks ago, Indian-American artist Raja Kumari took us on a personal ride to temples in India with “Perspectives”. In time for the summer holidays, Canadian YouTubers The Bee Family follow Raja’s example and invite you on a virtual family vacation to iconic cultural landmarks such as the Taj Mahal and The Bolshoi Theatre. And while The Bee Family explored where they could eventually go, couple Karen & Paul went on a trip down memory lane. Join the two as they relive their Italian honeymoon 25 years ago by revisiting everything from the Colosseum in Rome to the canals of Venice. Feeling inspired? Learn how you can create your very own trip on Google Arts & Culture.

Karen & Paul's Italien Honeymoon

No matter if it's crafting your own Tower of Pisa or going on a virtual family vacation - we hope “It’s a Wonderful World” will remind you that though travelling might not be an option, there is plenty of inspiration for you to plan your next trip - whether it’s a paradise retreat, an outdoors-y adventure, or a cultural city break that you’re after.

And after a good day of summer discoveries, put a cultural spin on game night with “Play with Arts & Culture,” which offers games, puzzles and trivia drawn from the cultural treasures of hundreds of partner institutions. 

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