50 years of film with NFTS and Google Arts & Culture

What do Wallace and Gromit, Blade Runner and We Need to Talk About Kevin all have in common? Answer: they were each made possible by alumni from the prestigious National Film and Television School based in Beaconsfield, UK. 

The National Film and Television School (NFTS) is an internationally respected institution for education and creativity, launching the careers of many directors, producers, cinematographers, animators and more. Many of whom have gone on to become household names, and earn multipleBAFTAs and Oscars, makingNFTS the most awarded film school globally. To celebrate their 50th anniversary, for the first time in the school’s history, online audiences will be able to explore a new digital archive of over 200 graduate films from alumni of the school. 

Alongside the films, audiences can explore a series of stories, curated playlists and articles. As well as newer films are creations from names such as: Nick Park (Wallace and Gromit), Lynne Ramsay (We Need to Talk About Kevin), and Fantastic Beasts director David Yates

A gif featuring a clip of Wallace and Gromit, a black and white 16MM camera, two bears in a forest and a woman holding a flying machines

Introducing the Digital Archive

In collaboration with Google Arts & Culture, NFTS have curated an online Digital Archive that allows users to watch unseen films, hear from experts from the industry and enjoy carefully curated film playlists from the NFTS students.

The NFTS Digital Archive, launching in September, is a curated collection of over 200 graduate films taken from the NFTS vaults, with behind the scenes stills, trailers, original screenplays and recent interviews with NFTS filmmakers including Beeban Kidron (Oranges are not the only Fruit), Adrian Rhodes (Tomorrow Never Dies) and Anthony Chen (Ilo Ilo) plus many more. 

There is so much to learn from looking behind the scenes, hearing the filmmakers voice and analyzing each film scene by scene. Dr Jon Wardle
Director NFTS

The NFTS at 50

The NFTS Digital Archive is launching as part of the NFTS’ 50th Anniversary celebrations. To help mark the occasion, the release of NFTS at 50 is the result of over two years of work to digitize hundreds of tapes from the archive, bring together alumni for interviews, and bring it all together for audiences around the world to explore on Google Arts & Culture. 

The NFTS at 50 season, taking place at the British Film Institute in London throughout September, is a rare chance for audiences to see work from early on  in the careers of some of the most distinctive and successful voices from the NFTS including Roger Deakins (Blade Runner) and Clio Barnard (The Selfish Giant).

How to enjoy it online

You can access the entire archive now at:g.co/NFTS and discover stories and over 200 films celebrating the NFTS and their incredible half century. 

If you prefer a more guided experience you can explore films by theme, such as Films of Friendship that includes the animated Sleeping with Fishes or from Love Island to Love Gym the fitness dating show. If you are short on time, why not check out 4 shorts all under 10 minutes: Damned, The Alan Dimension, After and A Love Story?

So sit back and enjoy your very own Film Festival and explore more on the Google Arts & Culture app for iOS and Android.

A picture of a man in a driving helmet from Group B starring Richard Madden
Two polar bears around a fire (animation)
An illustration of cartoon characters in a yellow car from the film Anna Spud