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FeedMappings for location targeting available via the AdWords API

What's changing?
Starting on or after July 23, 2015, if you are using v201506 of the AdWords API, then FeedMappingService.get and FeedMappingService.query will return FeedMapping objects created for location targeting. These FeedMapping objects will have criterionType 77, and will not have a value for placeholderType. There will be no change in behavior for v201409 or v201502.

You will start seeing these objects if either of the following is true:
  • You created a Feed linked to your Google My Business account.
  • You created a Location targeting feed through the AdWords user interface, under Shared library -> Business data.
Why the change?
Starting with v201506, LocationGroups.feedId is required if your matching function includes a LocationExtensionOperand.

Specifying a feedId in this situation allows AdWords to target the areas surrounding the locations in a location targeting feed. This may be the same feed you are using for location extensions, or a separate feed containing additional locations you want to use strictly for targeting. The key point is that the Feed referenced by LocationGroups.feedId must have a FeedMapping with criterionType 77.

What should you do?
If your application retrieves FeedMapping objects, make sure it will properly handle objects where placeholderType is null and criterionType is set.

If you want to create LocationGroups objects that use a LocationExtensionOperand, you can now use FeedMappingService to find the ID of feeds that have a FeedMapping with criterionType 77.

Learn more
Check out the following resources for more information on Location Groups: Still have questions? Feel free to visit us on the AdWords API Forum or our Google+ page.

Check the Forward Compatibility Map before modifying LocationGroups in CampaignCriterion (v201409, v201502)

Do you use LocationGroups in CampaignCriterion? If so, read on to learn about a new key in the Forward Compatibility Map to identify whether a Location Group is compatible with the AdWords user interface or the API.

Through the Campaign Settings tab of the user interface and the AdWords API CampaignCriterionService, you can create a LocationGroups campaign criteria to target locations within a specific radius around all of your campaign's location extensions.

The user interface also allows you to further restrict the LocationGroups criterion to location extensions within geographical targets or Cities-DMA regions. However, the AdWords API does not currently support modifying these additional settings.

To indicate in the AdWords API that someone created a configuration of the latter form through the user interface, the CampaignCriterion.forwardCompatibilityMap has a new key called LocationGroups.locationId.

Value Description
Key Name
The Location criterion ID chosen for the LocationGroups criterion from Geographical Targeting or Cities-DMA Regions. For example, an ID of 2752 indicates targeting around location extensions within Sweden.
If this key appears in CampaignCriterion .forwardCompatibilityMap, then re-adding the LocationGroups after removal or using a copy of the LocationGroups may result in a loss of configuration information.

We’re working to support the geographical targets and Cities-DMA regions option in future API versions.

Be on the lookout for an upcoming addition to the Forward Compatibility Map regarding which feed ID will be used for proximity targeting.

Questions? Visit us on the AdWords API Forum or our Google+ page.