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Introducing the first cohort of the Google for Startups Accelerator: Women Founders

In a time of so much socio economic uncertainty, one thing is clear: when more women build their own businesses, economies grow. In Canada, only 16% of Canadian small and medium-sized businesses are owned by women. Yet research shows that by advancing gender equality and women’s participation in the economy, Canada could add up to $150 billion in GDP.

In order to provide women with high-quality mentorship opportunities and the support that they need to successfully scale, we launched the first Google for Startups Accelerator for Women Founders, a three-month virtual program for seed to Series A technology startups based in North America.

After receiving hundreds of applications, we’re excited to welcome the below twelve startups into our inaugural cohort, including five Canadian companies from across the country:

  • Coconut Software (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) Customer engagement solutions that modernize how banks and credit unions engage, creating a streamlined experience for both staff and customers

  • COI Energy (Tampa, Florida) Brings together utilities and businesses to detect and eliminate energy waste in buildings to optimize the electric grid - creating a climate friendly economy for future generations to live, work, play and thrive

  • CultivatePeople (Arlington, Virginia) The company’s compensation software, Kamsa, provides global market compensation data and helps companies make data driven pay decisions so they can eliminate pay gaps.

  • CurieAI (Santa Clara, California) Transforming care for respiratory illnesses like Asthma and COPD through AI-based models that help physicians understand respiratory health, disease progression, and treatment effectiveness at an individualized and population level.

  • Fairygodboss (New York City, New York) The largest career community for women and provides free resources like career connections, job listings, virtual recruiting events, community advice, and the hard-to-find information about how companies treat women.

  • Heirlume (Hamilton, Ontario) Making trademark registration as easy and accessible as domain registration by providing the first self-serve professional-quality trademark search and application platform.

  • Kapwing (San Francisco, California) A company on a mission to enable digital storytelling via an online image, video, and GIF editing platform.

  • Livestock Water Recycling (Calgary, Alberta) A machine learning enabled nutrient recovery technology (PLANT) and myPLANT data dashboard creates value for food producers by digitizing their waste outputs, allowing reduced expenses and environmental impact.

  • My Intelligent Machines [MIMs] (Montreal, Quebec) Helping life-science companies use their big data and AI to maximize food and drug production.

  • Possip (Nashville, Tennessee) Using text-message based pulse checks in over 100 languages to allow schools and districts to quickly and routinely hear from their community of families and staff, and act on the insights they learn.

  • Wisy (San Francisco, California) Developing technology to bring digital efficiency into the physical world, supporting consumer products businesses and making them thrive in the new economy.

  • Zennea Technologies (Vancouver, BC) Aiming to be the first clinically-proven medical device for chronic snoring and mild OSA - so people who snore won’t have to worry about ineffective solutions ever again.

This cohort brings together a diverse set of women-led startups from across Canada and the US. Collectively, these founders are solving many of the world's largest challenges - from access to education to global environmental sustainability.

We’re proud to support women founders and connect them with the best of Google’s products people and technology. In addition to mentorship and technical project support, the accelerator also includes deep dives and workshops focused on product design, customer acquisition and leadership development for founders. Our cohort will also join our global Google for Startups Women community; a peer-led community of women entrepreneurs from around the world. Accelerator programming begins September 28 - we can’t wait to get started. 

Meet the Grow with Google Developer Scholarships graduates

Posted by Peter Lubbers, Senior Program Manager, Google Developer Training

In January, as a part of Grow with Google’s ongoing commitment to create economic opportunities for Americans, the Google Developer Scholarship Challenge—hosted in partnership with Udacity—awarded nearly 50,000 scholarships to aspiring developers from a wide range of backgrounds and experience levels.

In April, the 5,000 top performers in the Scholarship Challenge earned scholarships for a full Udacity Nanodegree program. These scholars come from every part of the United States, range in age from the late teens to the late sixties, and vary in experience from beginning to advanced. Despite these differences, they share a desire to strengthen their web and Android development skills, and to grow professionally.

Together, they’ve created nearly 18,000 web and Android apps, and exchanged over 2 million messages on the support channels. Students all across the country have reported new jobs, career advancement, and engagement in community programs as a result of their scholarships.

We’d share every story if we could, as they’re all remarkable. But today, we introduce you to five scholars in particular. Because of their hard work, and what they’ve made of the scholarship opportunity, their lives and careers have changed in dramatic ways. Let’s meet them now.

Tony Boswell

Kansas City, MO

From Missouri Long-Haul Trucker to Web Developer

Tony Boswell was a long-haul truck driver for 14 years. He covered over 1.5 million miles, drove through almost every state in the US, and hauled everything from fresh produce to crude oil. It was steady work, but it required being away from home 320 days out of every year. Tony told us “My wife was home alone and we were living two entirely separate lives.”

Last year, at age 48, Tony decided he had to make a change. Despite not having any transferable skills or relevant work history, he believed he could become a developer. He applied to the Grow with Google Developer program, and earned the Nanodegree scholarship. It was the right move. Tony completed his Nanodegree program in September, and recently found a full-time position focused on front-end web development. Thanks to the career lessons included in his program, he was able to confidently negotiate a $10,000+ increase in his starting salary offer.

“I am happy to say, thanks to the education, training, and coaching that I received from this program, I have finally completed my transition from the open road and a steering wheel, to accepting the title of Technical Support Specialist — Web Developer. I can truly say that my whole life has changed because of coding.”

Kimberly McCaffery

Virginia Beach, VA

From Virginia Homemaker to Technology Apprentice

Kimberly McCaffery applied for the Grow with Google scholarship to acquire new skills that would help her transition back to the workforce. She is a mother of four, and has been a military spouse and homemaker for over 20 years. She was motivated to apply because she recognized the need to contribute financially to her family:

“Since 1999, we’ve moved 10 times; in the US and overseas. When we got back to Virginia, I returned to the workforce as a substitute teacher. The W2 I received was my first one this century, but, my total pay was less than $500! As my husband approaches retirement, I knew it would help us all if I could shoulder more of the load.“

After completing her Front-End Nanodegree program earlier this fall, Kimberly got a job as a Technology Apprentice at MAXX Potential in Norfolk, Virginia. “I’m so pleased and proud! It's 10 minutes from the kid's school, very flexible, and full of challenges with IT as a service. And there is plenty of room within the company to grow as fast as I want!”

Charles Rowland

Glendive, MT

From unemployed to Software Engineer

After being laid off from a job in Pennsylvania, Charles and his family moved back to his wife’s hometown in rural Montana, where he struggled to find work as a freelancer. It was a very difficult time, and his confidence suffered.

“I fell into major depression. When my phone rang, I had panic attacks because it was people asking for money. Job-wise, there was nothing in our small town.”

Charles had applied for, and earned, a Grow with Google Scholarship, but there didn’t seem to be a single place where he could apply his skills. He was desperate, but one interview changed everything for him:

“In June I applied for a job at the local cable company to do cable installation. In August I finally got called in for an interview. Immediately the CEO asked me why I didn’t apply for their programming position. I never actually saw it. Instead of an interview for an installer job it turned into the first of 2 interviews for a programming job. For the 2nd interview, I loaded up my phone with all the apps I had made during the Android Basics program. In the interview I answered all the standard questions but it was when I pulled my phone out and showed off the applications I made in the Nanodegree program, that I could tell that I nailed it.“

Two days later, they called and offered Charles the job.

“I never imagined I’d end up doing a job like this. My first day was on September 24.”

Anna Scott

Tularosa, NM

Working with Students to Build an Apache Language App

Anna is a Special Education teacher and STEM program coordinator for a middle school in New Mexico. She has a passion for technology, and applied for the Google Developer Scholarship to gain new knowledge and be more helpful to her students and her community.

Anna lives and works near the Mescalero Apache Tribal lands and is now working with her students to develop an Apache language app.

“Students are collecting Apache words and phrases as raw data for the app, and have been working closely with our Apache Language teacher, who is a member of the tribe. Students are designing artwork for the app and are consulting their elders to make it meaningful for Apache people.”

Anna is also having a school-wide drawing contest for the launching icon. During the STEM meetings, students work with Android Studio—they learn how to change the look of their app with XML, and make it do things with Java. “My students are really motivated by this project!”

Lourdes Wellington

Castine, ME

Building A Website for African Widows and Orphans

Lourdes Wellington worked in the information technology field, but in the back of her mind, she harbored a desire to learn software development. She was gearing up to make that transition, when a serious health crisis put a hold on her plans—it was cancer, and survival meant having part of her right arm amputated. Despite the challenge, she was determined to move forward both physically and mentally:

“Losing my arm was a small price to pay considering I did not lose my life. My mental aptitude became stronger and I began to consider how I wanted to move forward in the future with my life.”

Lourdes successfully applied for the Grow with Google scholarship, and with the new skills she learned in her Front-End Nanodegree program, she went looking for a meaningful way to make an impact. She learned about an organization that benefits African widows and orphans, and decided to get involved. She created a website to help increase visibility for the organization, calling attention to their efforts to raise funds so a fish hatchery and fish ponds can be constructed to feed small villages.

“Taking programming classes with Udacity for website development has motivated me to create even more websites for charity.”

It has been an honor and a pleasure to play a small part in the remarkable journeys each of these scholarship students has undertaken since we first met them back in January. We look forward to seeing how each and every graduate puts their new skills to work to advance their lives, their careers, and the world around them!

Grow with Google provides opportunity for all Canadians

At Google, we are technology optimists. Not because we believe in technology, but because we believe in people. When people have access to technology, they have access to information, education and opportunity, and they are capable of achieving great things.

Last week, we released an Economic Impact Report showcasing the value of the open web for Canadian businesses. The report highlights businesses of all shapes and sizes across the country who are experiencing incredible growth thanks to the tools and reach available on the web. These inspiring stories all start with opportunity.

In order to provide that same opportunity for every Canadian, we need to begin with access. Access to the open web, access to digital education, and access to the digital skills needed to grow a business or work in the technology driven economy of tomorrow. Technology is an incredible platform for growth, but we need to provide all Canadians with the skills needed to use it and take it further.

In April, we announced a one million dollar grant in collaboration with MaRS to develop the Employment Pathway Platform, a data driven job opportunity and career guidance tool that is aimed at helping people make the right career transitions as the nature of work shifts alongside technology. We also launched Google For Jobs in Canada, a tool within Google Search that lets Canadians search for jobs that are accurate, relevant and personalized based on search queries.

Today we’re furthering our commitment to helping Canadians prepare for the future of work by launching Grow with Google, an initiative to help Canadians acquire the digital skills they need to grow their business or get a job. As part of that initiative, we’re announcing two million dollars in grants to ensure that our efforts reach Canadians in every community, big and small.

First, we’re partnering with Canada Learning Code to provide Canadians with free tools and training to advance their skills, grow their business or get a job. Through our partnership with CLC, individuals across the country will have access to our Applied Digital Skills Program. The video-based curriculum teaches learners about the basics of working with technology today: everything from spreadsheets to email is covered and available in guided, bite-sized lessons. To make sure those lessons are available to all Canadians, the entire Applied Digital Skills Training Program is offered in both French and English.

And for those looking to explore a career in technology, we’re bringing our Professional IT Support Certification Program to Canada. Developed by Google and hosted on Coursera, this program helps turn beginners into job candidates in just eight months - no experience or degree required. Completing the program is the first step, but we’re also be supporting learners in the next step - the job search. We’ve partnered with leading Canadian companies, like Walmart and RBC, and of course Google Canada, to get graduates information into the hands of HR departments. With over 64 hours of video lessons, hands-on labs and interactive assessments, our IT Support Professional Certificate is the perfect transition for adults looking to reskill and kickstart a new career in technology.

Finally, we’re bringing Grow with Google to a town near you. Googlers are teaming up with libraries and community organizations across the country to bring digital skills training to you. The free events will provide small business owners, entrepreneurs and job seekers with the skills they need to grow. We’ll host hands-on workshops, one-on-one training sessions, and demo stations staffed by Google volunteers. Our first stop is Surrey, British Columbia this Friday, September 21st. Find out where we’re headed next and secure your spot today by visiting our online hub - g.co/GrowCanada.

We hope that by making our resources available to every Canadian online, by supporting organizations committed to expanding access to digital education, and by bringing our training across the country, we will help individuals grow. Because when one has access to opportunity, they can achieve incredible things. There is one business in particular that really demonstrates the power of the web and the opportunity that lies within it.

Two years ago, the Hadhad family moved to Canada after fleeing their home in Damascus, Syria. They lost everything, including their business, a chocolate factory that had been in the family for 30 years. New beginnings can be hard, but the community of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, together with the opportunity provided by the web, the Hadhad family rebuilt their life and business in Canada. With digital tools like Google Search, YouTube and Google My Business, the Hadhad family launched a new chocolate business, Peace by Chocolate, that reaches customers far beyond Canada. In fact, 65% of their web traffic comes from outside of Canada. Today, Peace by Chocolate sells their product to over 400 vendors across Canada and produces over 1.5 million pieces of chocolate a year.

I’m optimistic about the future of work in Canada. We’ve seen firsthand how access to digital skills and opportunity can transform people’s businesses, careers and lives. Like the Hadhad family, we can open a new door by rebuilding our skill set and reaching new heights. With technology, anything is possible.

Sabrina Geremia, Managing Director, Google Canada

How Google is helping Canadians unlock the prosperity of the open web

Businesses across Canada are using the web to learn, build, connect, and grow. And Google is helping. The opportunities available to businesses today are endless thanks to digital tools, like Google Search and Maps. With the web, location and size is no longer a barrier to building a global business.

According to an Economic Impact Report produced by Deloitte, last year Google’s search and advertising tools helped create over $10.4 billion in economic activity for Canadian businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profits, developers, and creators. Thanks to the open web and the accessibility of our tools, Canadian businesses are reaching new heights, fueling growth, creating jobs and giving back to their communities.

Behind these numbers, are the amazing stories of Canadians unlocking the vast potential of the Internet. And I want to share just a few examples.

Peace by Chocolate 
Antigonish, Nova Scotia 
35 employees 

After more than three decades working as a chocolatier in Damascus, Syria, Isam Hadhad’s chocolate factory was destroyed, forcing his family to flee their country. In 2016, the Hadhad’s settled in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, where they rebuilt their life and their business, Peace by Chocolate, with help from the web.

The Hadhad’s relied on Google Search to source local suppliers and vendors needed for chocolate production, and turned to Google My Business to drive traffic to their storefront and website. In just two short years since setting foot on Canadian soil, the Hadhad’s have built a brand with international recognition. So much so that 65% of their website traffic comes from consumers outside of Canada. “Our presence on Google has helped us reach audiences across the country and has given us the ability to share our story internationally,” said Tareq Hadhad, CEO at Peace by Chocolate.

Peace by Chocolate, Antigonish, NS 

Toronto, Ontario 
24 employees 

Creating a business that helps entrepreneurs like himself was important to Dawson Whitfield, founder of Logojoy, an online logo company that uses machine learning to create personalized, affordable logos for small businesses and entrepreneurs around the world.

Two years after founding the business, Logojoy has served over 2.5 million entrepreneurs and startups, a milestone the team says wouldn’t be possible without the web. The company uses TensorFlow, Google’s open-source machine learning framework, to refine their logo maker, and Google Ads to reach a hyper-niche audience at the exact moment their product is needed. Today, Google Ads drives almost half of Logojoy’s overall website traffic. “Logojoy is in 188 countries, and Google Search Ads has been a huge part of that,” says Whitfield.

Logojoy, Toronto, ON 

Vancouver, British Columbia 
43 employees

The web creates opportunities for every individual, and Paul Melhus and Dave Vincent are proof of that. “Most of our friends and family thought starting an e-commerce company in our 50s was crazy,” says co-founder Paul Melhus. “We thought it would be a challenge.”

ToursByLocals pairs travellers looking for unique, flexible experiences with local tour guides all over the world. The idea was born 12 years ago after Melhus and Vincent found themselves struggling to find a suitable tour option during a trip to the Great Wall of China. Today, ToursByLocals has served almost one million travellers in 153 countries and counting. The ToursByLocals used Google Analytics to inform their online strategy and today Google Ads makes up the majority of their marketing efforts. “We struggled at first - until we embraced Google Ads,” Melhus adds. “Almost immediately, our sales started to grow and they’ve continued ever since.”

ToursByLocals, Vancouver, BC 

These are just a few inspiring examples of the way Canadian businesses, large and small, use the web to reach new heights. Check out more stories of how businesses and nonprofits are leveraging the open web and Google tools to grow and compete globally.

Congratulations to our US Grow with Google Developer Scholars!

Posted by Peter Lubbers, Head of Google Developer Training

Grow with Google in partnership with Udacity, is awarding 5,000 Nanodegree program scholarships to help aspiring developers in the US continue their digital skills training and prepare for jobs as Android or Mobile Web developers.

As part of the Grow with Google Developer Scholarship program, scholars completed an initial challenge course at Udacity - completing on average over 100 hours of coursework, building coding project portfolios and engaging with their local developer community. Today, Google and Udacity are excited to recognize the 5,000 top performers in the challenge course, and offer them a chance to continue their training through a Nanodegree program with a full scholarship.

By successfully completing a Nanodegree program, scholars earn an industry-recognized credential helping to create a path for increased job opportunities as well as prepare for one of Google's Developer Certifications: Associate Android Developer or Mobile Web Specialist. These developer training programs offer scholars the opportunity to build their skills and become job-ready, helping to close the gap in the more than 500,000 open computing jobs in the US.

We are incredibly inspired by the hard work and passion shown by all our Grow with Google developer scholars -- including these stellar scholars:

Bela from Tennessee, a mother of two working toward her goal of becoming a web developer. Bela recently shared her personal story of determination to complete her developer training.

Desmend from Illinois, who is taking what he learns in his Android developer course and sharing it with local high school students that he mentors -- teaching them about technology and the type of career opportunities offered to developers.

Sean from Alabama, a veteran using his course training to transition into the civilian workforce as an Android developer.

And Demetra from New York, who utilized the online training and forums to achieve her goal of advancing her skills in web development.

This scholarship effort is part of the Grow with Google initiative, which is aimed at helping create economic opportunities for Americans by offering free tools, training, and events. Udacity is excited to partner with Google on this powerful effort and together we look forward to seeing what these scholars will achieve in the coming year.

Beginnings, Reinventions, and Leaps

Grow with Google Developer Scholars Advancing their Lives and Careers

This is a cross-post with our partner Udacity

The Grow with Google Developer Scholarship—a US-focused program offering learning opportunities to tens of thousands of aspiring developers—has given rise to a wealth of powerful stories from amazing individuals who are using their scholarships to pursue their goals and achieve their dreams. Some are creating new beginnings in new places. Others are reinventing their paths and transforming their futures. Still others are advancing their careers and growing their businesses.

Rei Blanco, Paul Koutroulakis, and Mary Weidner exemplify what the scholarship program is all about.

A New Beginning in Lansing, Michigan

Rei Blanco immigrated to Lansing, Michigan from Cuba seven years ago. He began learning English, and found opportunities to practice his skills in jobs ranging from housekeeping to customer support. Today, as a Grow with Google Developer Sscholarship recipient, he is learning a whole new language—Javascript—as well as HTML and CSS. Rei earned himself a spot as a student in the Front-End Web Developer challenge course, and is now fully-immersed, and loving every part of his journey to becoming a developer.

"When I get home, I immediately go to the basement and start coding!"

Rei studies several hours every night. He credits his partner for the non-stop encouragement she gives him. He embraces a daily workout routine that keeps him focused and energized. He also praises the student community for helping him to advance successfully through the program.

"The live help channel in our Slack workspace is great. Once you get stuck, you get immediate help or you can help out others."

As his skills grow, so does his confidence. A year ago, when he first began taking online coding courses, he felt out of place attending a local developer meetup. These days, he's a busy member of a student group working on outside projects, and has plans to attend many more in-person events. Rei is taking his developer career step-by-step—he's bolstering his chances of earning freelance work by steadily adding new projects to his portfolio, and has his sights set on a full-time job in front-end web development.

A Reinvention in Columbia, South Carolina

Paul Koutroulakis was a 20-year restaurant industry success story. For 10 of those years, he even owned his own establishment. But like it was for so many others, 2008 was a terrible year. Sales dropped, and the burden became too great. Paul lost his restaurant, and ultimately, his home.

Despite the hardships, Paul retained the spirit that had made him a success in the first place, and he was determined to persevere. But he also saw the writing on the wall, and knew he needed to make a change.

"This was a wakeup call with my resume. I didn't want to be an old man managing a restaurant."

From his research, he learned that demand for web developers was growing rapidly, and he recognized the opportunity he was looking for. From that moment forward, Paul focused his energy on becoming a developer.

He worked daytime hours at a logistics company, and started taking computer programming classes at night at a local technical college. Paul earned his associates degree, but he wasn't done. He felt the pressure to go the extra mile, and made the commitment to do so by competing for, and ultimately earning, a Grow with Google Developer Sscholarship.

"I need to make myself more marketable. I would like to show that age doesn't matter and that anyone can make a great contribution to a company or field if they are passionate about learning."

Today, Paul is focused on building a project portfolio, and wants to land a job as an entry-level web developer. His long-term goal is to enter the field of cybersecurity. Despite the hard work and long hours, he's excited by the skills he's learning, and by the transformation he's undergone. Best of all, he knows it's all worth it.

"Even if it's a late night of studying, it's better than coming home at one or two in the morning after a long shift at the restaurant."

A Leap Forward in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Mary Weidner's degree was in finance, and after graduating, she went right into the field, spending several years in a series of finance-related roles. Simultaneously, she was nurturing an interest in coding, even going so far as to take a few free online courses. Everything changed for her when a friend asked her to join him as co-founder for a fitness app he was developing. She was intrigued, and agreed to take the leap. As one-half of a two-person team, she found herself immediately supporting all aspects of the fledgling operation, from launching the database, to filming videos.

Mary's hobbyist-level interest in coding transformed into a primary focus, as she realized early on that building her tech skills would significantly enhance her ability to grow the business. But there was more than just operational necessity at work—Mary recognized she was facing an additional set of challenges.

"Not only do I want to learn how to code in order to help my company, I also want to be more respected in the industry. Being a woman and a non-technical co-founder is not the easiest place to be in tech."

As a Grow with Google Developer Sscholarship recipient, Mary is now engaged in an intensive learning program, and her skills are accelerating accordingly.

Strongr Fastr officially launched in January 2018, and has already been downloaded by thousands of users, boasting a user rating of 4.7 stars. It's an impressive start, but neither Mary nor her partner are resting on their laurels. They're motivated to grow and improve, and are focused on "finding traction channels that work, and trying to find that scalable groove."

Despite her head-down determination and focus, Mary's approach to learning is a spirited one, and she's enjoying every minute of her big leap forward.

"I'm loving it. It's really cool to have apps on my phone that I've made, even if they're the most simple thing. It's very empowering and just ... cool!"

Growing Careers and Skills Across the US

Grow with Google is a new initiative to help people get the skills they need to find a job. Udacity is excited to partner with Google on this powerful effort, and to offer the Ddeveloper Sscholarship program.

Grow with Google Developer scholars come from different backgrounds, live in different cities, and are pursuing different goals in the midst of different circumstances, but they are united by their efforts to advance their lives and careers through hard work, and a commitment to self-empowerment through learning. We're honored to support their efforts, and to share the stories of scholars like Rei, Paul, and Mary.

Reminder: Grow with Google scholarship window closes soon

Posted by Peter Lubbers, Head of Google Developer Training

Last month, we announced the 50,000 Grow with Google scholarship challenge in partnership with Udacity. And today, we want to remind you to apply for the programs before the application window closes in just over a week on November 30th.

In case you missed the announcement details, the Google-Udacity curriculum was created to help developers get the training they need to enter the workforce as Android or mobile web developers. Whether you're an experienced programmer looking for a career-change or a novice looking for a start, the courses and the Nanodegree programs are built with your career-goals in mind and prepare you for Google's Associate Android Developer and Mobile Web Specialist developer certifications.

The scholarship challenge is an exciting chance to learn valuable skills to launch or advance your career as a mobile or web developer. The program leverages world-class curriculum, developed by experts from Google and Udacity. These courses are completely free, and as a reminder the top 5,000 students at the end of the challenge will earn a full Nanodegree scholarship to one of the four Nanodegree programs in Android or web development.

To learn more visit udacity.com/grow-with-google and submit your application before the scholarship window closes!

Grow with Google scholarships for US Android and web developers

Posted by Peter Lubbers, Head of Google Developer Training
Today, we are excited to announce that we are offering a 50,000 Udacity Scholarship Challenge in the United States through the Grow with Google initiative!
In case you missed the announcements in Pittsburgh earlier, the Grow with Google initiative represents Google's commitment to help drive the economic potential of technology through education. In addition to the Nanodegree scholarships, we are offering grants to organizations that train job-seekers with the digital tools they need.
Visit Grow with Google to learn more about this exciting initiative.
The Google-Udacity curriculum is targeted to helping developers get the training they need to enter the workforce as Android or mobile web developers. Whether you're an experienced programmer looking for a career-change or a novice looking for a start, the courses and the Nanodegree programs are built with your career-goals in mind and prepare you for Google's Associate Android Developer and Mobile Web Specialist developer certifications.
Of the 50,000 Challenge Scholarships available, 25,000 will be available for aspiring developers with no experience. We've split the curriculum for new developers between these two courses:
We've also dedicated 25,000 scholarships for developers with more than one year of experience. For these developers, the curriculum will be divided between these two courses:
The top 5,000 students at the end of the challenge will earn a full Nanodegree scholarship to one of the four Nanodegree programs in Android or web development.
The application period closes on November 30th. To learn more about the scholarships and to apply, visit www.udacity.com/grow-with-google.