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Announcing v2_1 of the Google Ads API beta

Today we’re announcing the v2_1 releases of the Google Ads API beta. To use the v2_1 features via the new endpoint, please update update your client libraries. If you are upgrading from v1, some of your code may break when you switch to the new v2 endpoint. Please see the migration guide for more information on breaking changes.

Here are the highlights:
  • Introduced AdService for updating existing ads that were created using AdGroupAdService. Updating ads maintains existing metrics.
  • Introduced summary rows when retrieving data from GoogleAdService.Search() by setting return_summary_row to true in the request. The summary row contains the report totals.
  • Introduced the AdGroupAdAssetView resource for querying ad asset metrics.
  • Introduced the DistanceView resource (equivalent to the User Ad Distance Report in the AdWords API).
  • Introduced the UserLocationView resource (equivalent to the Geo Performance Report where isTargetingLocation is false in the AdWords API).
  • Added the ability to retrieve all label resource names associated with the AdGroup resource using AdGroup.labels and with the Campaign resource using Campaign.labels.
  • Added time_zone, test_account, manager, descriptive_name, currency_code, and id to CustomerClient to make it easier to retrieve customers in an account hierarchy.
Where can I learn more?
The following resources can help you get going with the Google Ads API: The updated client libraries and code examples will be published by August 16. If you have any questions or need additional help, please contact us via the forum.