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Deprecation of Entity Read Files

Today we’re announcing the deprecation of Entity Read Files (ERFs). Users currently retrieving Display & Video 360 resource information from ERFs should begin migrating to using the Display & Video 360 (DV360) API or Structured Data Files (SDFs).

With this deprecation, we will no longer support ERFs through documentation updates or bug fixes. ERFs will continue to be generated and available for download for the immediate future. However, users should be prepared for ERFs to sunset at a later date. We will announce a sunset date in a future blog post and publish a notice on the ERF documentation page far in advance of the sunset.

Refer to our ERF to API Migration guide for more detailed information about the differences between ERFs and the DV360 API and how ERF information maps to the API resources and services.

If you run into issues, need help with your migration, or have any questions, please contact us using our support contact form.