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Upgrade Dynamic Search Ads in AdWords API and Google Ads API by March 6, 2019

Upgrade your AdWords API and Google Ads API ads to use ExpandedDynamicSearchAd (EXPANDED_DYNAMIC_SEARCH_AD) instead of DynamicSearchAd (DYNAMIC_SEARCH_AD) by March 6, 2019. After March 6th, creating these ads through the APIs will fail with an AdGroupAdError.CANNOT_CREATE_DEPRECATED_ADS error, while updating them will result in an AdError.CANNOT_MODIFY_AD error. Existing DynamicSearchAds will continue to serve.

An ExpandedDynamicSearchAd goes beyond automating just headlines and adds the advantage of automating display URLs, so that the subdomain of your ad matches the subdomain of your landing page. In addition, Google Ads will add a path when it expects the path to outperform a plain URL. In order to increase the performance for all our advertisers, Google Ads is moving everyone to the newer format.

If you have any questions while upgrading, please reach out to us on our forum.

New AdWords API guides

Did you know we have an extensive set of themed guides on the AdWords API Developers site? We do our best to have every topic covered and to keep all of them up-to-date. If you find that particular functionality needs better coverage, or we have a gap on a certain topic, let us know!

Meanwhile, my colleagues have published five new guides for the AdWords API:

We are looking forward to hearing your feedback via our G+ page or on the forum.