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Have you been to Publisher University?

Are you a new publisher to DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) and/or DoubleClick Ad Exchange, and are wondering where to find engaging, publisher-facing training materials?

Do you regularly review Google help centers but want more tailored content?

Or are you already a seasoned publisher who has been waiting for new training materials that would help you drive growth to your business?

No matter your publisher expertise, you can access valuable training materials at Publisher University, a website created specifically for DFP and Ad Exchange users. With Publisher University, you can learn about the product areas that are most valuable to you through tailored, self-study training modules.

Since its launch in 2014, Publisher University has become a one-stop training destination for DoubleClick publishers. There are solutions suited to your needs:
  • Courses: Start with a level 1 course for a well-rounded understanding of how DFP and Ad Exchange work, and then demonstrate your knowledge by passing an exam. The goal is to provide a clear learning path for both products. You’ll even receive a printable certificate, the perfect accessory for bragging to your co-workers.
  • Video Library: If you’re looking to find training on a specific topic, you’ll find all of the publisher training materials conveniently located in one place. With the Video Library, you can go ahead and pick the topics that are most relevant for you.
  • What’s New: The What’s New video series is a great tool to help keep track of the latest feature releases on DFP and Ad Exchange, and see how they work.

Publisher University is constantly improving to help you learn, and has made numerous improvements to serve our publishers better. Highlights include:
  • International language support: All Publisher University content is available in 11 languages, including: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Chinese (Simplified) and Chinese (Traditional).
  • Search: No need to click from page to page to find the video you’re looking for. Instead, you can search in the language of your choice for the topic you need to learn.
  • Site responsiveness: Looking to learn on the go? Open Publisher University on your tablet or smartphone to let the learning continue when you’re away from your desk.

Access this high-quality content from the convenience of your own computer, phone or tablet. Especially with our latest updates to our learning resources, there’s never been a better time to learn.

Visit g.co/PublisherU today.
Posted by Danielle Chang
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Reach 2016 holiday Supershoppers with DoubleClick Ad Exchange

The digital landscape has changed the way people shop for the holidays. With the ability to instantly discover, research and purchase, people around the world are more informed and more efficient than ever before — transforming into supershoppers, seemingly overnight.

Supershoppers are a new breed of buyers, keeping their options open and relying heavily on mobile for inspiration, research and e-commerce. They learn the latest brands and the top gifts of the season, and they know where to find the best deals. Where do they gather their knowledge? From you, if you know how to reach them.

DoubleClick Ad Exchange offers access to the broadest reach of premium, clean and brand-safe inventory across screens. We've created a new guide to help you get the right message to these supershoppers and to provide some tips to help set your campaigns up for success this holiday season.

Build your DoubleClick Bid Manager expertise with our new training platform

Becoming a digital advertising expert takes time, and it’s important to get off to a good start. Only 50 percent of marketers say they’re confident in their knowledge of digital advertising,1 despite the wide range of educational materials available. Sometimes “more” isn’t the same as “better.” Many advertisers start learning about AdWords in our help centers, which offer an enormous trove of product information. But you’ve told us that you want quick, bite-sized training in more interactive formats. And we heard you.

We’re pleased to announce Academy for Ads, a new digital training platform designed to help you learn how to use Google’s ad products in a mobile-first world. We built Academy for Ads to promote learning on-the-go, whether you’re on a laptop, a desktop, or a mobile device.

Grow your Google product know-how

Guided by input from our team of product experts, Academy for Ads courses cover the topics that matter most to DoubleClick and Google advertisers – from Bid Manager and AdWords basics and the essentials of campaign management to bid strategies, reporting, optimization and more ways to successfully advertise with Google. We’re adding new content all the time, including a DoubleClick Campaign Manager Learning path in just a few weeks.

Learning paths, Assessments and Achievements

We’ve organized the courses into “Learning paths” that you can walk through at your own pace. At the end of each path, take an Assessment and earn an Achievement to show that you know your stuff. Earning an Achievement for Bid Manager or Ad Exchange helps you prepare for the more advanced training in the Help Center.

A few example Learning paths:

  • Digital concepts: Learn the essentials of online ads — from third-party ad-serving to real-time bidding, programmatic media buying and remarketing. Get started with DoubleClick Bid Manager*: Learn your way around Bid Manager, what it offers and how you can use it to manage your online marketing campaigns.
  • DoubleClick Ad Exchange: Learn how real-time bidding works in an open auction sale on the DoubleClick Ad Exchange. This learning path also covers the available programmatic deal types, along with the types of inventory available for mobile, video, display and television buys.

*Only accessible to DoubleClick Bid Manager clients

Academy for Ads is useful for anyone getting started with Google or DoubleClick training, and can help pave the way for the AdWords Certification program offered by Google Partners, as well as the Google Best Practices program, which offers more advanced AdWords education. DoubleClick users may also find additional training in DoubleClick’s help centers.

Get started

If you already use Google Partners, you can sign in through the Partner portal at g.co/learnwithpartners — or, you can go directly to g.co/AcademyforAds to sign up and start sampling courses and Learning paths. We’re constantly adding content, including advanced DoubleClick training. So if you like what you learn, keep coming back for more.

Posted by Tracy Bizelli
Head of Academy for Ads

1 6 Fundamentals to Managing Digital Marketing in 2015, TFM Insights (January 2015)

Google display ads go 100% HTML5

In February, we announced that DoubleClick Digital Marketing, DoubleClick Ad Exchange, and the Google Display Network are going 100% HTML5. Starting June 30th, 2016, display ads built in Flash can no longer be uploaded into DoubleClick Campaign Manager, DoubleClick Bid Manager, or AdWords.

DoubleClick advertisers who currently use Flash ads in their campaigns have several ways to ensure your creative can continue to show up in your live campaigns. Read more here.

Posted by Becky Chappell
Product Marketing Manager, DoubleClick

Smarter optimizations to support a healthier programmatic market

Our goal has always been to help publishers and advertisers thrive and create sustainable businesses. For many years Google has used optimization and machine learning techniques to improve the performance of our ads products, and now we’re happy to share that we’ve been extending those techniques to DoubleClick Ad Exchange customers. Today we are introducing Optimized Private Auctions and optimized pricing in the Open Auction to help our publisher partners grow their revenue and give programmatic buyers greater access to premium inventory.

More control of Private Auctions

Private Auctions were developed to help publishers negotiate higher prices by creating special segments of inventory for preferred buyers. As deal volume has grown, we discovered an additional opportunity for publishers to make even more money with Private Auctions. On average, 5% of Private Auction impressions on our platform have an Open Auction buyer willing to pay more than the Private Auction deal price. If all of these bids from Open Auction buyers were able to win their auctions, publishers would see a significant lift to their programmatic revenue.

Optimized Private Auctions, now available to all publishers using DoubleClick Ad Exchange globally, give publishers the ability to allow high-value Open Auction bids to compete against Private Auctions. Full transparency is available to buyers, who can see in the DoubleClick Ad Exchange UI which of their Private Auctions are being optimized.

Greater accuracy with optimized pricing in the Open Auction

In addition to helping publishers maximize revenue from Private Auctions, we’ve been experimenting with optimized pricing to help publishers set price floors in the Open Auction that more closely reflect the value of their inventory.

The Open Auction tends to have a large price gap between what a buyer bids and what they pay. We’ve observed more than a 50%1 price gap between bid and closing prices in many cases. Publishers see this gap as a revenue opportunity and try to close the gap by applying manually-calculated price floors. This is difficult to do well and can lead to lost revenue, or to complex implementations such as offering the same query repeatedly at different price floors that can increase user latency and hurt advertiser performance. We think there’s a better way.

Optimized pricing in the Open Auction uses historical data to automate the post-auction analysis and updating of floor prices that publishers already do, and takes it a step further. Not only does our technology use signals like ad unit and device, it also calculates audience-based floors, so publishers can fully benefit from building valuable audiences. And as we’ve always done, if there is a floor applied to an impression, whether publisher or algorithmically set, we share it with buyers in our bid requests.

In our experiments to date, we have applied optimized pricing to about 15% of transactions, creating over 5% lift in revenue for publishers using the Open Auction. As we expand our experiments with optimized pricing, we will monitor its performance to ensure advertisers continue to get great ROI.

Increasing price transparency

While Optimized Private Auctions and optimized pricing in the Open Auction help publishers get more value for their inventory, they raise important questions. In our conversations, programmatic buyers and sellers have expressed a strong desire for greater transparency and openness in how advertising is valued and prices are set. As the programmatic ecosystem continues to grow, we look forward to partnering with buyers and sellers in an open discussion on price transparency in the industry.

Posted by Jonathan Bellack
Director, Product Management
1 Google internal data, desktop and mobile web impressions in North America

Growing programmatic revenue with First Look

As Jonathan said a few weeks ago, our goal has always been to help publishers thrive and create sustainable businesses with advertising. First Look was developed to help publishers maximize the revenue from all of their inventory by enabling them to give trusted programmatic buyers the opportunity to bid on 100% of their inventory -- even ahead of sponsorships and reservations. It’s simple to set up with no required code changes, zero added latency, and it works across all channels and formats. Since its preview in October 2015, 300+ publishers have leveraged First Look to grow programmatic revenue.

“First Look has been a great compliment to our monetization [strategy] and our ad stack. Since implementing it, Gannett has seen a 15% lift in eCPM of our programmatic channel.”
-Tim Wolfe, VP of Revenue Operations, Gannett

Publishers like About Inc. and Frankly Inc have also seen significant results with First Look.

“Given the appetite for First Look inventory, we have realized a material lift in programmatic revenue since the product was made available.”
-Scott Mulqueen, Vice President of Programmatic & Audience monetization, About, Inc.

“By leveraging First Look, we have been able to expose more inventory and maximize yield on premium users and content through a seamless & easy implementation. As our programmatic stack continues to mature, we see great potential for higher cpms and greater volume.”
-William Ammerman, Head of Advertising, Frankly Inc.

It’s been almost a month since we released First Look to all publishers and we’re happy to help them achieve higher yield for every impression while maintaining their user experience. If you want to learn more about Gannett’s strategy and approach to using First Look read more on DoubleClick.com.

Posted by Alex Shellhammer
Product Marketing Manager, DoubleClick

Get the most from DoubleClick for Publishers and Ad Exchange

When we launched Publisher University two years ago, our goal was to create a destination to help you get the most from DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange so you could spend more time focusing on what you do best: creating great content.

Over the past two years we’ve listened to your feedback to ensure Publisher University has the right information you need, when you need it, so you can feel confident in your decisions. The new Publisher University offers training courses, videos, and updates to do just that. In addition, the new Publisher University helps you:

  • Feel confident in your decisions, with beginner through advanced content.
  • Track course progress over time so you never miss a step.
  • Access course content and trainings from any device.
  • Learn in the language most comfortable to you; choose from 11 languages.

Visit the new Publisher University today to begin getting the most from DoubleClick for Publishers and Ad Exchange, and be on the lookout for new training content to be continually added in the future.

Posted by Katelyn Zaleski
Technical Trainer, DoubleClick

Note: Publisher University is designed for publishes using DoubleClick Ad Exchange or DoubleClick for Publishers. If you’re currently using the Small Business edition of DoubleClick for Publishers, please visit the help center.

Delivering yield, speed, and control with DoubleClick for Publishers First Look

Users read, watch, listen, and connect with content across multiple screens throughout the day. With every interaction, they expect fast, safe, and relevant experiences regardless of where they are or what device they’re using. In this environment, publishers only have a split second to deliver the most relevant and highest paying ads to maximize their overall yield without increasing latency and potentially losing users.

A few weeks ago at the IAB Ad Operations Summit, I spoke about a new feature we are testing to deliver yield, speed, and control, called DoubleClick for Publishers First Look. Today, I’d like to give you some more details about it.

One of the fastest-growing segments of programmatic advertising has been from high-CPM, low-match-rate buyers, such as remarketers. These buyers are willing to pay a substantial premium to publishers in exchange for a ‘first look’ at all of a publisher’s inventory, but they need to see a lot of impressions to find the ones they value. The standard implementation of this first look has been through a header bidding tag to indicate interest. While this works, unfortunately it has drawbacks. It adds latency to every pageview, gives one buyer preferential access, and gives up the control and protection of an ad exchange. A better solution would reduce or eliminate latency, enable any selected buyer to compete, and allow publishers to manage demand just as they do with other private or open marketplaces.

First Look does just that. It allows publishers to give trusted programmatic buyers the opportunity to bid on 100% of their inventory -- even ahead of sponsorships and reservations. By allowing these buyers to see more inventory, and by putting them in real-time competition with each other, publishers in our Beta test have seen an average 10% lift in revenue. First Look is simple to set up (no added line items), creates zero added latency (no additional ad requests), and works across all channels and formats. And since First Look is part of the DoubleClick Ad Exchange, you don’t lose any of the controls and protections you already rely on like creative review, category blocking, or malware protection.

“First Look has shown strong performance, increasing our revenue by a double digit percentage across all of our properties. There were no added tags and no need to change our page setup. Best of all, there has been no impact to what our users experience when they visit our properties, regardless of the device they’re using."
Jeremy Hlavacek, Vice President, Programmatic, The Weather Company.

We believe that First Look is good for buyers, too. According to Sam Cox, Vice President at MediaMath:

“First Look is an exciting step towards having all demand compete, simultaneously. Access to more users who are typically consumed by guarantees will drive higher ROI, and the high prices of the inventory should dispel any myth that programmatic is not premium."
Sam Cox, Vice President, OPEN Global Media Management, MediaMath

As I mentioned at the IAB Ad Ops Summit, DoubleClick’s mission is to help our publisher partners grow their ad revenues in a healthy long-term market. With First Look we are striving to create a solution that delivers lift for publishers without sacrificing consumer experience or publisher controls.

We’re excited to launch DoubleClick for Publishers First Look to all publishers early in 2016. Space in our beta is limited, but if you’re interested in getting set-up before the holiday rush, contact your account manager today. And in the coming weeks, stay tuned for more tips on how to maximize your overall yield.

Posted by Jonathan Bellack
Director, Product Management

Reach holiday shoppers at scale with DoubleClick Ad Exchange

It’s the most wonderful time of the year...for you to reach holiday shoppers with your brand and products. We know shoppers come in all shapes and forms, researching and buying across screens and in-stores. That’s why you need to ensure that you’re reaching your target audiences across all the premium publishers where consumers are already spending their time, both on the web and in apps.

Last week, we announced that native ads and mobile video interstitials are now available to buyers on the DoubleClick Ad Exchange. These high-impact formats, coupled with the cleanest (fraud-free) inventory and the broadest reach of premium inventory, help you accomplish your campaign goals at scale.

Check out our holiday guide to learn more about how DoubleClick Ad Exchange can help you reach holiday shoppers this season.

Posted by Becky Chappell
Product Marketing Manager, DoubleClick

Active View updates: Improved cross-screen options for brands and publishers

When advertisers pay for an ad, the chance for it to be seen is a basic expectation. Advertisers shouldn’t have to pay extra to measure and ensure that it was viewable. These expectations drove the launch of Active View back in 2013, an effort to establish a neutral and common set of viewability metrics used by both advertisers and publishers. Since then we've continued to invest in this technology across DoubleClick, YouTube and the Google Display Network, and today we're happy to share two new updates that will help advertisers and publishers run more effective cross-screen campaigns.

Announcing Active View optimization in DoubleClick Bid Manager - A better way to programmatically buy viewable impressions

Today, we're introducing Active View bid optimization in DoubleClick Bid Manager for clients globally. This new bid optimization feature uses the collective intelligence from many signals (e.g. URL, time of day, page category) to predict, impression by impression, the probability that it will be viewable. It then dynamically adjusts bids higher or lower based on that probability to deliver the viewable CPM target that advertisers set for their video and display campaigns. Active View optimization delivers what advertisers actually care about - the total volume of viewable impressions - and doesn’t fixate on a viewable percentage.

This will help solve a common problem: when marketers buy viewable impressions programmatically using current viewability targeting, the decision to bid on a single impression is very basic. Buyers choose a target viewable percentage (e.g. 50%) and their programmatic buying system bids the same amount for any impressions with a likelihood of being viewed above that target - or nothing at all for impressions with a likelihood of being viewed below that target. This means that buyers are missing out on wide swaths of inventory that may actually be viewable and are driving up competition (and CPMs) for the inventory they are buying.

Announcing Active View for mobile apps in DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange - Bringing holistic viewability measurement to publishers

We believe that viewability metrics should be a standard currency between buyers and sellers. To enable this, we've been investing in features that allow publishers to see and report on a holistic picture of viewability across their channels and content. We're continuing that momentum today by announcing Active View reporting for mobile apps in DoubleClick for Publishers and on the DoubleClick Ad Exchange. With the consumer shift to mobile reshaping how publishers engage with their audience and those interactions increasingly happening on mobile apps, this new measurement solution completes the picture for publishers helping them see how viewability plays out across all of their properties.

At Google, we remain committed to investing in a broad set of measurement solutions for brands and publishers through a combination of product innovation with our own solutions and partnerships with leading third parties. These announcements are two big steps in our ongoing effort to help our clients measure every moment that matters.

Posted by:

Ari Feldman
Product Manager, DoubleClick for Publishers Reporting and Active View
Deepti Bhatnagar
Product Manager, DoubleClick Bid Manager Brand Measurement and Optimization