New types of answers from your Google Assistant on Android

We’ve been working to make the Assistant even better on the device that’s with you wherever you go: your phone. Last fall, we launched a visual refresh to the Assistant on phones, and today, we’re bringing a new update to Android phones that will provide better visual responses and more complete information at a glance.

This update includes answers with cards that clearly present the key information you’re looking for. In addition to a new interface for categories like events, you’ll also get access to useful tools like the tip calculator, metronome music pacer and bubble level. Ask your Assistant for “Events in Mountain View” or “Why is grass green?” to check out some of these new responses.

For some questions, the most helpful response might be showing you links to a variety of sources from across the web to learn more. In these cases, you’ll see the full set of search results from the web. When relevant, these results may include the existing ads that you’d see on Search today.

Here are some examples of the rich answers you’ll see when you ask the Assistant a question on your Android phone:

This new experience is rolling out now on Android phones, making it easier to use the Assistant on the go to find the answers you’re looking for.