Iron Mountain increases bandwidth to Google Cloud by 10x for faster data ingestion

Iron Mountain has expanded the bandwidth of its network link to Google Cloud Platform by 10x. This enables faster transmission of your data to GCP, which is super helpful for meeting critical project deadlines. As an illustration of transmission speed, moving 50TB of data over the expanded link takes less than a day, compared to more than five days with the old connection.

Iron Mountain has been providing cloud seeding services for our customers in North America since 2015.

Enterprises are eager to run applications on public clouds to benefit from the security, scalability and reduced management burden. However, moving data to the public cloud as part of a migration or hybrid process is slow and troublesome. Uploading one terabyte of data using a typical small business DSL connection may take up to 100 days!

As a result, enterprises are frequently turning to cloud seeding services, also referred to as offline ingestion or offline data import, from providers like Iron Mountain.

Instead of trying to push data to a public cloud over a limited bandwidth, customers copy data to storage devices and ship them to a third party who can then securely upload the data to the customers’ data buckets in cloud storage. Cloud seeding providers include, as part of their service portfolio, chain-of-custody verification and security options like encryption to help ensure that customer data is handled securely.

Iron Mountain has also introduced support for LTO (Linear Tape-Open) tapes, which is a good transport medium for large amounts of data. Customers with data already on LTO media can immediately start moving that data into low cost Google Cloud Storage Nearline.

You could be eligible for up to $500 of credit on Cloud Platform if you ingest with Iron Mountain! More information can be found here. If you’re ready to start a project on Cloud Platform and are not sure how to start moving your data to the cloud, we’ve got you covered with offline data import.